2022 Teacher Survey: Current Challenges in Teaching

Educators across the country continue to face challenges in teaching due to the economic and emotional impact caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. To learn more about what teachers and their students are facing during this challenging time in education, AdoptAClassroom.org surveyed educators in May 2022.

Our findings show that more than two years after the pandemic, and in the midst of rising inflation, teachers are burned out, struggling to provide their students with school supplies, and considering leaving the profession.

We surveyed 4,103 PreK-12 teachers at public, private and charter schools representing all 50 states, Washington D.C., and U.S. territories to learn more about current challenges in teaching nationwide. Eighty-five percent of the teachers who responded described their school as high-needs, where 50% or more of students receive free or reduced-price lunch.

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2022 Spring Teacher Survey Results


Teachers Leaving the Teaching Profession Before the 2022/2023 School Year

  • 87% of teachers aren’t considering leaving the profession before the 2022/2023 school year.
  • 13% are considering leaving the profession before the 2022/2023 school year.


Why Teachers Said They Are Considering Leaving the Profession Before the 2022/2023 School Year

  • 80% – I am burned out.
  • 64% – There is not enough support staff to help teachers.
  • 63% – My pay is too low.
  • 62% – I spend too much of my money on classroom materials.
  • 58% – Teachers are not treated with respect in my community.


Why Teachers Said They Plan to Continue Teaching

  • 82% – I keep teaching for my students.
  • 76% – I am passionate about teaching.
  • 70% – I know I am making a difference.
  • 67% – I want to make positive changes in my community.


98% of Teachers Said They Feel Undervalued By Society 


Ways Communities Can Encourage Teachers To Stay in the Profession

  • 91% – Higher salaries for teachers.
  • 80% – Trusting teachers as education experts.
  • 77% – Providing more supplies and resources needed in the classroom.
  • 77% – Smaller class sizes.
  • 61% – Increase mental health support for students and staff.
  • 60% – Giving teachers the autonomy to select more supplies and resources for their classrooms.
  • 59% – Increased number of support staff.


60% of teachers said one of the biggest challenges students will face in the 2022/2023 school year is food insecurity.


The Biggest Challenges Students Will Face During the 2022/2023 School Year

  • 83% – Catching up after education interruptions during COVID-19.
  • 66% – Not enough individual attention.
  • 60% – One or more students in class experiencing food insecurity.
  • 52% – Don’t have access to the basic classroom materials they need to learn.
  • 51% – Don’t have access to the mental health resources they need.
  • 39% – One or more students facing or experiencing homelessness.


96% of teachers said rising costs are negatively impacting classrooms’ access to school supplies.


How the Economy Impacted Students This Year

  • 81% – Families are having a harder time paying for basic needs like clothing, shoes, snacks, etc.
  • 80% – Students’ families are having a harder time paying for school supplies.
  • 61% – More students are coming to class hungry.
  • 49% – Students have more responsibilities at home because parents are working longer hours.
  • 38% – More students are experiencing homelessness.


80% of teachers said students’ families are having a harder time paying for school supplies this year.


Challenges in Teaching: Messages From Our Survey Respondents

The results of our 2022 Spring Teacher Survey show just how challenging the education landscape is for teachers and their students right now. But data can only tell part of the story. To better understand the current challenges in teaching, we’ve compiled some of the messages we received from a few of the teachers who filled out our survey, which you can read below.

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Teacher Messages:

“Teachers need positive and productive support. We try to give as much as we can (financially, emotionally, physically, mentally) to help our students succeed – and sometimes – even that is not enough. The school used to be the ‘heart’ of the community.”

“Students this year are far more behind academically than ever before due to COVID. Many students spent over a year learning at home and many struggled with access to the internet to Zoom.” 

“It’s what I’m best at in life. But this may be my last year because my salary does not cover my cost of living anymore. I will certainly need a second job this year.”

It is difficult to fulfill the needs of all my students based on my current salary. Helping my students acquire the necessary supplies is just the first step for a successful school year.”

“This year was a big eye opener, considering it will be my first year teaching a PreK classroom. The needs and challenges families are facing has made it clear to me why I teach. I teach to make a difference in my students’ lives.”

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