5 best gifts for teachers

5 Best Gifts for Teachers

This school year, celebrate a teacher in your life with one of our five best gifts for teachers. 

Your gift can honor their hard work or help them stock their classroom with the supplies they need. Half of teachers don’t have a budget for basic school supplies for the 2022 school year, so your support makes a big difference.

We have an option for every budget. Whether you’ll spare no expense for your favorite teacher or you’d like to make a gift without paying, there’s an idea here for you.

1. What they need, when they need it

Ninety-three percent of teachers said the best way to support teachers right now is flexible funding for their classrooms.

Your gift to a teacher on AdoptAClassroom.org will be used to purchase school supplies that are delivered directly to their school. That way, your teacher can buy exactly what they need for their classroom. 

Teachers are professionals who know how to do their job best. We believe in giving them the autonomy to make those decisions about supplies and curriculum. The best gift for teachers is a donation on AdoptAClassroom.org!

2. A personal card expressing your appreciation

Right now, teaching can feel like a thankless job. One of the best gifts for teachers is a card letting them know how much you appreciate their hard work, and that you understand how hard it is right now. 

The last two years have reshaped the classroom and caused learning loss and emotional struggles for students. That, on top of limited budgets and teacher attrition, makes every day harder. Even if you don’t have the means to make a monetary donation to a teacher, taking a moment to thank them means a lot.

3. Share their fundraising page on social media

Surprise a teacher in your life by sharing their fundraising page on social media. While this might not seem like a gift at first, it’s actually a great way to encourage others to donate to their cause.

Who knows how much you could raise by sharing with your community!

Just search for their fundraising page and click the “Share” button to spread the word on social media.

4. A gift card for dinner or a prepared meal

Give your favorite teacher the joy of a night without worry by gifting them a restaurant or food delivery gift card, or making a meal for them. They’ll be sure to appreciate an evening with dinner taken care of, or the opportunity to go out with a loved one.

Teachers spend a lot of time out of the classroom working, so the best gift for teachers is one that lightens that burden. Ask them ahead of time if they’d be open to receiving a prepared meal as a thank you. Be sure to note any dietary needs they may have. 

5. A gift to ALL teachers

Want to show your support but don’t have a specific teacher in mind? The best gift for teachers is one that helps all teachers. Your gift to AdoptAClassroom.org will support teachers across the country.

AdoptAClassroom.org is a 501(c)3 nonprofit and holds the highest 4-star rating from Charity Navigator for 10 consecutive years and the highest transparency rating offered by Candid (formerly GuideStar).

You can give to AdoptAClassroom.org with the confidence that your gift will be used efficiently and reach those who need it most.

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