Spring Spotlight Funds

$1,000 Supply Grants for High-Needs Classrooms

We are no longer accepting applicants for 2022 Spring Spotlight Fund grants. Thank you to all who applied. You can find a list of recipients of the $1,000 supply grants at the bottom of this page. 

AdoptAClassroom.org is now accepting applications for our Spring 2022  Classroom Grants. We will be accepting applications for the COVID-19 Relief Fund.

This spring’s grant process will involve two rounds. Round #1 is a simple form for educators that will take only  a few minutes to fill out. Enter Round #1 through April 11, 2022. 100 educators will be selected for $100 on AdoptAClassroom.org and be invited to fill out the Round #2 written application for a $1,000 classroom grant. Read on for more information about the application process, including the questions for Round #2.

Looking for grant-writing tips and resources? Check out our blog for resources about grant writing or our Fundraising Guide for more.

Spring 2022  Classroom Grant Timeline

  • April 11, 2022: Round #1 Application Closes
  • April 22, 2022: Accepted Applicants Notified and Invited to Apply for Round #2
  • May 6, 2022: Round #2 Application Closes
  • May 20, 2022: $1,000 Grants Awarded
  • September 30, 2022: Donor Reports Due

Eligibility Requirements

  • Educators must have a complete AdoptAClassrom.org classroom or school page by the application deadline. A complete page answers all writing prompts and includes a photo.  Teachers: Log in here or register here to create your classroom profile page.  School administrators; Log in here or register here to create your school page. 
  • Any licensed PreK-12 educator or certified staff member, employed at an accredited PreK-12 public, private, or charter school in the United States as identified by our Terms of Use.
  • Educators who apply for funds give consent for their application and classroom or school page content, name, photo, city/state, and name of the school where they teach to be published in communications by AdoptAClassroom.org and/or their partners to promote their mission and/or partnership.
  • Educators must agree to and follow AdoptAClassroom.org’s Terms of Use to apply and receive funds.
  • Educators who have had $50 or more of AdoptAClassroom.org funds expire from their account, due to a failure to spend funds prior to the 12-month expiration date of donations, are ineligible for Spotlight Fund Grants. 
  • Educators applying for funds give consent for their application content, name, photo, and school name to be published in communications by AdoptAClassroom.org and/or their partners to support their mission.

Round #1 Evaluation Criteria

AdoptAClassroom.org will be evaluating Round #1 applications for the following:

  • School Need: Educator’s school fits AdoptAClassroom.org’s definition of a high-needs school based on the following:
    • Relatively high number of students receiving free or reduced-priced lunch (80% or above)
    • Relatively high number of students with IEP’s
    • Relatively high number of English-language learners
    • School location (to ensure disbursement of funds nationwide)
    • Number of students benefiting from the grant
    • or Educator gave a compelling reason why their classroom is in need if their school does not meet this criteria
  • Educator Need and Activity: Educator has not received donation(s) on AdoptAClassroom.org valued at more than $500 in the previous 12 months. Educator has logged into their AdoptAClassroom.org  account recently.

Round #2 Application Information

100 educators will be invited to apply for a $1,000 Classroom Grant from the AdoptAClassroom.org Spotlight Funds. To be considered for a grant, educators will need to answer the following written questions by May 6, 2022 to be considered. Educators selected to apply for Round #2 will be notified by email with the application link.

$1,000 grants will be awarded by May 20, 2022. All Round #2 grant recipients will be required to submit a Donor Report by September 30,  2022. 

Each written application will be evaluated by at least two AdoptAClassroom.org staff and scored out of a total of 10 points. 

Educators will be asked to respond to questions for one Spotlight Fund in writing:

COVID-19 Fund 


  • How has COVID-19 disproportionately impacted your classroom or students due to poverty, lack of resources, or in another way? A student story might help us better understand your needs.
  • How will  this $1,000 grant help you to directly address a problem within your classroom caused by the pandemic and create a positive outcome?
  • Which items will you order with this grant? (Please research the items you need from the AdoptAClassroom.org marketplace of vendors, if possible.)

Grading Criteria

  • Educator clearly explains how COVID-19 has disproportionately impacted their students. (5 points)
  • Educator articulates a problem that a $1,000 grant can realistically address and how the grant will make an impactful change in their classroom or for their students. (5 points)

Donor Report Information

Each $1,000 classroom grant recipient will be required to submit a Donor Report by September 30, 2022. There are three elements to the Donor Report:

  1. Answer a few short questions about the impact this donation made.
  2. Upload photos of the materials purchased and/or photos of students using the supplies.
  1. Longer narrative about impact.  – Please consider a video!
    • Your impact narrative can be either a one-page document or a video that tells us about what was purchased for your classroom or school, and the impact it made on the students. We encourage you to create a short video, as they are much more dynamic and fun for your supporters to view! Check out these tips.

If you are interested in future funding opportunities, be sure to register your classroom to receive updates about upcoming grants and donations for educators.

This grant opportunity was made possible by the generous support of AdoptAClassroom.org donors and Thrivent Financial.

Complete the Round #1 Application for the Spring 2022 Spotlight Funds here. 

$1,000 Grant Recipients

  • Cindy Rosser
  • Vasti Carrera
  • Dmitry Kogan
  • Olga Castellanos
  • Jami Shields
  • Sahar Shabazz
  • Lori Jandula
  • Jessica Gordillo
  • Tarra Wood
  • Amy Taylor
  • Karla Curby
  • Megan Ross
  • Zoila Garcia
  • Anna Brown
  • Ellen Erman
  • Melissa Johnson
  • Claudia Wiseman
  • Anniello Burke
  • Ara Carbonneau
  • Joseph Woger
  • Maria Arroyo
  • Kristin Rambo
  • Faiza Khalid
  • Allison Zacher

$100 Grant Recipients

  • Madeleine Lewis 
  • Alicia Santamaria 
  • Sahar Shabazz 
  • Ashley Rudolph
  • Jessica Gordillo 
  • Faiza Khalid 
  • Cassy Boehm
  • Melissa Balderrama
  • Zoila Garcia 
  • Liliana Daza
  • Brittany Kreitzburg 
  • Emilia Krauze 
  • Emily Stein 
  • Vernita Skinner
  • Sylvia Quintana
  • Hannah Sederburg 
  • Maria Arroyo 
  • Yakima Wallace 
  • Anniello Burke
  • Gloria Garcia 
  • Lisa Liss 
  • Cindy Price 
  • Vasti Carrera 
  • Lequita Carter
  • Wendy Gonzalez 
  • Kathy Phillips 
  • Jessica Wycoff
  • Kristina Strouse 
  • Patricia Moyd 
  • Patricia Crotty 
  • Monica Gonzalez 
  • Anne-Marie Romito 
  • Claudia Wiseman 
  • Goreti Alcantara 
  • Pete Saunders 
  • Miranda Kessler 
  • Candi Padfield 
  • Alicia Tull
  • Briann Barker
  • Johnita Smith 
  • Nisha Watson 
  • Valerie Rudderforth 
  • Tina Oclair 
  • Pamela Richardson 
  • Melissa Johnson
  • Shantel Wrighr 
  • Alanna Morgan
  • Ellen Erman 
  • Frankie Roberts 
  • Ashley Bowen
  • Michelle Bruno 
  • Lisa Dries 
  • Elise Fagan 
  • Cassandra Wood 
  • Shealyn Hafer 
  • Jaclyn Kett 
  • Ara Carbonneau 
  • Dawn Bruce 
  • Michelle Nicols 
  • Kathy Rheams 
  • Sandra Smith
  • Jessica McConnell
  • Monica Brown 
  • Jennifer Feeley 
  • Dan Stone 
  • Emily Bevan
  • Tarra Woos
  • Carmen Yanez
  • Megan Ross
  • Elizabeth Soltys
  • Emily Major 
  • Michele Sady
  • Kerry Sas
  • Deja Burton 
  • Erin Ulibarri
  • Elisa Friedman 
  • Karen Libby
  • Jennifer Warren 
  • Elizabeth Decembrino 
  • Cindy Rosser 
  • Katharine Ciurczak 
  • Viola Howard 
  • Karla Curby
  • Autumn Lebron
  • Dana Tyson 
  • Chelsea McCoy
  • Amy Taylor
  • Carly Jones
  • Olga Castellanos
  • Lori Jandula 
  • Kristin Rambo 
  • Anna Brown 
  • Allison Zacher 
  • Erika Hernandez 
  • Joseph Woger
  • Dmitry Kogan 
  • Kelli Ferns 
  • Jami Shields
  • Ashley Beasley