Why you should donate to teachers

Many of us have a story about how a teacher went out of their way to help us succeed. We all know how dedicated teachers are, and how much they sacrifice for their students. Our latest survey found teachers spend an average of $750 out of pocket on classroom supplies during a school year. Teachers making sacrifices for their students isn’t new, but their out-of-pocket spending is increasing. We found that between 2015 and 2021, spending increased by 25%

When you donate to teachers, you can help end this unfair cycle.

For many educators, this level of spending has characterized their entire careers, and it just isn’t right. For Stacey, a teacher in Nevada, there never seemed to be enough:

“My entire 20 year career as a teacher has been about me asking for donations for my classroom. There is never enough. It is not the fault of our leadership—I have a wonderful principal and a strong school community, but a shoestring budget can only go so far.”

Stacey, Teacher

For the 2021 school year, Stacey actually has no budget for her classroom. This isn’t an unusual story for many teachers. Student success depends on teachers going above and beyond, and normalizing this puts the strain, emotional and financial, on the backs of educators. 

AdoptAClassroom.org was created to fill the gap between classroom budgets and the actual needs of students. Here are a few ways you can help, including how to donate to teachers.

1. Sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date

We need to be informed to change the state of education. When you sign up for our newsletter we’ll keep you updated on what’s happening in education, including stories from the teachers we support. You’ll also be informed about giveaways and donation matches to maximize your giving if you’re able to do so.

2. Donate to teachers in your community

Teachers who need support for their classrooms create fundraising pages on AdoptAClassroom.org. You can search for a classroom in need and make a direct gift to that teacher. Your teacher spends your donation on classroom supplies, and you receive a list of everything purchased and a thank you from the teacher. 

3. Make a direct gift to AdoptAClassroom.org to help teachers across the country

We started as a crowdfunding website for teachers, but have grown into so much more. Now, our focus has turned to funding classrooms that need it the most. To do that, we give grants to  the highest-need classrooms because they often struggle with fundraising. You can donate to teachers across the country by making a gift that supports education. When you make a direct gift to AdoptAClassroom.org, you’re funding grants to highest-need classrooms across the country and all the infrastructure that makes it possible to connect them with school supplies.

You can take that first step to help teachers by making your gift today.