Adopt A Classroom to Get Learning Back on Track

At the start of the pandemic, education changed overnight. Teachers and students struggled to keep up with learning goals. As a result, PreK-12 students across the U.S. will start the 2021/2022 school year behind in their learning from the first day of school. To help students start the school year off strong, join us to adopt a classroom and provide teachers with the learning materials their students need to catch up after a challenging time in education. Together, we can help students recover from the learning setbacks caused by COVID-19, one classroom at a time. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that connects donors with PreK-12 educators who need funding for classroom learning materials so their students don’t go without. When an educator receives a donation on, they can use the funds to purchase school supplies from our online marketplace of nearly 30 education vendors. The materials purchased on our online marketplace are then shipped directly to the educator’s school.

Why Classrooms Need Support More Than Ever

We believe that a child’s access to school supplies shouldn’t be dependent on their zip code, but unfortunately it is. Due to school budget cuts, the average U.S. teacher is expecting to receive a classroom supply budget of only $270 this school year, making the need to adopt a classroom in underfunded communities greater than ever. Last year, teachers spent an average of $750 of their own money to purchase learning materials for their students because their classroom budgets weren’t enough.

How To Adopt A Classroom

On, we offer a variety of ways for donors to support PreK-12 classrooms. Read the four ways you can donate to provide classrooms with school supplies below, or take a deep dive into our classroom giving options here.

1. Give Where It’s Needed Most

In 2020, 86% of the classrooms adopted on were located in high-needs schools. We’re committed to advancing equity in education, and we see which classrooms and schools need immediate support. To support our mission and help provide funding where it’s needed most, donate to here.

2. Adopt A Classroom

Looking to give direct support to a PreK-12 teacher? When you use’s Fund A Teacher search tool, you can search for a teacher to donate to by their subject area, grade level, school name, or location. When you donate online to a teacher’s Classroom Page, the teacher will receive 100% of the donation you designate to their classroom. Find and adopt a classroom using our search tool here.

3. Adopt A School

Our School Program allows PreK-12 principals and school administrators to raise donations for school-wide projects. Last school year, principals and school administrators told us they spent a significant amount of their own money on school materials. Your donation to a school has the potential to touch every single student in that school’s community. Teachers and principals both need help providing students with school supplies, so they don’t have to spend their own money. Find and donate to a school here.

4. Donate to Provide Classroom Grants

With’s Spotlight Fund grants, donors can fund classroom grants that support school subjects or areas of greater need. Donors can give to Spotlight Funds that support racial equity in schools, STEM, the Arts, inclusive classrooms, disaster relief, and COVID-19 teacher and student relief. Teachers can then apply for these Spotlight Fund grants when we have a call to entry. Learn more about supporting our Spotlight Funds here.

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Are you a PreK-12 teacher at a public, private, or charter school who needs funding for school supplies? Register your classroom on so potential donors can find and view your request for school supply funding when they’re looking to adopt a classroom.