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Gaming for Charity to Help Teachers and Students

Gaming for charity is easy with free resources to launch your own fundraiser on Twitch, YouTube, or Facebook. With our help and a free toolkit you’ll be on your way to starting your very own fundraiser in minutes. Give back with your gaming community by supporting teachers and students!

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Fundraise for teachers at any time

Want to team up with us to support teachers?.You can join us by making your own fundraiser to put supplies in students’ hands. Gaming for charity is easy with free tools from Tiltify.

Why Support

We know there are a lot of causes to choose from when gaming for charity. is a 501(c)3 nonprofit with the highest ratings from Guidestar and Charity Navigator for fiscal responsibility. We’ve been doing this work since 1998, and it is our goal to ensure every child has what they deserve to succeed in school. 

There is still much to be done. We found that teachers spend an annual average of $860 a year, out-of-pocket, on supplies for their classroom. This number is even higher for teachers in high-needs communities, where parents may be unable to make ends meet and can’t afford basic supplies. COVID-19 has only exacerbated wealth inequality, which spreads into all other areas of life, including the classroom. 

Gaming for charity is one way you can help close the funding gap in classrooms. Every student deserves a good education, but they can’t learn without the right tools. You can help make that possible.

Questions about gaming for charity?

No worries, we can help. 

Let us know what you need at [email protected].