Letter from the Executive Director

The 2020-2021 academic year was the toughest one ever, for teachers, students, and families. It was the second school year disrupted by COVID-19, and teachers’ needs for classroom supplies swung wildly. Teachers needed tools to enable remote teaching and learning, cleaning and PPE essentials, and curriculum to help students re-adjust to long days in classrooms.

As you will hear from the stories by teachers in this Annual Report, the flexible funding provided by AdoptAClassroom.org has never been more valuable than it was this year. 

The AdoptAClassroom.org community was there for teachers and students when they needed us most. We supported more than 22,000 classrooms across the country, with 80% of that support going to teachers in high needs schools. 
We believe that all students deserve to have the materials they need to succeed in school. With your support, we know that we can fulfill our mission of advancing equity in education, one classroom at a time.

Ann Pifer
Executive Director

Our 2021 impact


Classrooms Adopted


of Adopted Classrooms were High Needs


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Teachers Purchased This Year…




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Making Education Equitable

Our Commitment to Equity and Transparency

AdoptAClassroom.org’s mission is to advance equity in education, one classroom at a time. However, we know that all schools and students do not have equal access to resources. To be truly equitable we must prioritize some classrooms over others. We follow the leadership of evidence-based research, education experts, and teachers to make these crucial funding decisions. 

AdoptAClassroom.org funding is available to educators at public, private, or charter schools. Schools are selected for a  “high needs” classification when they have school-wide Title 1 status and other demographics that indicate that their students may need extra help. These factors may include a significant percentage of students who do not speak English at home, come from low-income households, require extra support like special education resources, or identify as Black, Hispanic, Native American, or Asian.

Our goal is to commit at least 75% of classroom funding to high-needs schools. During the 2020-2021 school year, 80% of all classrooms funded were high needs. More than 90% of classrooms selected by our Spotlight Funds program are considered high needs.

After two years of COVID-19

How COVID-19 changed education will shape classroom needs for years to come. While many students return to the classroom to learn, the challenges of the pandemic remain, and teachers are left to pick up the pieces.

81% of teachers cite that their workload has increased this school year. Whether from faculty shortages or growing student needs, teachers are doing more than ever.

In turn, 71% of teachers are spending more than ever on supplies for their classrooms. They’re doing more, and footing the cost. 

During this time, flexible funding–the funding that gives teachers autonomy–is what they’re asking for most. The AdoptAClassroom.org community-funded more than $625,000 in supply grants for COVID-19 response, whatever shape that took.

“Over the past few years of the COVID-19 pandemic, drastic learning gaps have developed for every student. From basic school supplies to flexible seating, the COVID-19 Relief Fund grant allowed me to fill my classroom with things my students need to succeed in their own unique ways.”

– Jordan, Teacher

“This year, coming off of COVID quarantine, our music program was not able to generate the performance revenue that we normally would, so we’re pinching pennies to make sure our programs can run smoothly. This donation helped me get the supplies we needed to keep our programs running.”

– Jonathan E., Teacher

“I usually invest about $1,000 of my own money to prepare for the coming school year. Due to COVID and the many fiscal challenges it caused, I was wondering how, if at all, I would be able to prepare for my students’ return to school. Receiving financial support is confidence in motion towards classrooms that are driven by the people inside them.”

– Shante S., Teacher

Spotlight Testimonials

The AdoptAClassroom.org Spotlight funds target specific areas and prioritize high-needs classrooms. In 2021, more than $147,000 in Spotlight fund grants stocked classrooms with critical supplies.

“AdoptAClassroom.org funding our classroom has been a game-changer! My students are digging in. They’re starting to understand the nuances of good lighting, stabilized shots, and the dramatic difference that good audio plays in the videos that they’re producing.”

– Josh, Teacher

“I was so excited when my classroom was flash-funded on AdoptAClassroom.org! AdoptAClassroom.org is such an amazing organization. They have partnered with so many different vendors that it really allows me to really look and choose particular materials that my students need.”

Dominique, Teacher

This donation through AdoptAClassroom.org made a huge difference because the kids get to play outside now. We have activities for them to do! Before, we were in such desperate need for recess equipment. Now they get to do activities and they’re so happy.”

– Rosa, Teacher

“To AdoptAClassroom.org donors: know that you are making a difference by helping teachers! You are making a difference because all of the teachers you support go on and make a difference for all our students.”

– Ana, Teacher 

“They’re great for making this donation! It makes it so that teachers don’t have to stress about things other than teaching. It’s nice to have supplies in classrooms that they don’t have to spend their money on.”

Lilia, Student

“I’m very grateful. Teachers shouldn’t have to pay for the supplies they need to teach the class. It’s nice to have support to be able to do these kinds of programs.”

– Elliot, Student

“Racism is learned. I want to ensure that the books in my classroom represent all races, cultures, and ethnicities. I am beyond grateful. I can’t wait to start reading these beautiful books to my kindergarteners.”

– Heidi, Teacher

“Thank you for making my lessons come to life through this AdoptAClassroom.org STEM Grant. This grant will provide my students with the opportunity to experiment and learn without barriers.”

Jill, Teacher

“I can’t thank you enough for helping give my students access to hands-on experiences. I wouldn’t have been able to give my students that opportunity if it wasn’t for this fund. Thank you for considering the arts and understanding the value in them.”

– Tuck, Teacher

AAC Honor Roll

2021 Honor Roll

We thank the incredible AdoptAClassroom.org community for your overflowing generosity. A special thank you is extended to supporters who give over $250 and make our Honor Roll.



AdoptAClassroom.org was selected as 2021 Subaru Loves Learning partner. Subaru retailers across the county equipped more than 114,000 students with the resources necessary to learn and grow in the classroom. Learn more.

Check out students at Turtle Hook Middle School in Wantagh, NY thank Hassett Subaru for their support:


In 2021 Burlington’s national, in-store fundraising campaign raised more than $1.8 million to support teachers and students with AdoptAClassroom.org. With this generous donation, they were able to support 4,823 classrooms to help students to continue to learn and thrive. This was the fifth year of our partnership. Learn more.

“I was able to provide each student with all the supplies and materials that will help them do their school work and learn in a fun way.”
Jessica F., Oakley Elementary in New Caney, TX

Wonder Bread

For Wonder Bread’s 100 year anniversary and  Wonder of Science Initiative, they teamed up with Emily Calandrelli, one of the top science communicators in the world, to celebrate the excitement of bringing science to life. Through Wonder Bread’s commitment to education, they were able to adopt eleven schools and support 7,000 students with AdoptAClassroom.org. Learn more.

The Wonder of Science with Emily Calandrelli

Where your donation goes

Financial Results

With your support, AdoptAClassroom.org experienced record growth in revenues. At the same time, our efficiency–how much of your dollar goes to teachers versus administration and fundraising–also increased. 

That means that more of every dollar that comes into our organization goes directly to our programs supporting teachers and students.

Financial Performance at a Glance:

Source: AdoptAClassroom.org Annual Audit, 2021

Key Highlights:

Source: AdoptAClassroom.org Annual Audit, 2021

Source: AdoptAClassroom.org Annual Audit, 2021

GuideStar awarded AdoptAClassroom.org with the highest possible rating Platinum Seal of Transparency.

Charity Navigator awarded AdoptAClassroom.org the highest possible rating of 4 stars for ten consecutive years.

Thank you for standing beside teachers. With your support, we can ensure every student has the supplies they deserve to succeed in school.

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