Meet Our New Vendor: LEGO® Education

We’re excited to announce that LEGO® Education has teamed up with as our newest vendor partner! PreK-12 educators can now use donations they receive on to purchase LEGO® STEAM materials for in-person learning, distance learning, or hybrid learning.

Meet Our New Friends at LEGO® Education

For over 40 years LEGO® Education has provided innovative, playful, and hands-on learning experiences for students in the classroom. LEGO® Education offers rich hands-on, cross-curricular solutions designed for meaningful STEAM experiences for students and their teachers based on the LEGO® system of bricks, hardware, software, and content.

Through hands-on learning, their solutions provide playful learning experiences that not only teach important STEAM skills, but also social and emotional skills that together help build the confidence and resilience students need to thrive. From sparking curiosity and creativity to learning coding and robotics, students develop a range of critical 21st century skills as they learn through purposeful play.

Educator Resources During COVID-19

Whether you’re teaching in the classroom, remotely, or a hybrid of both, you’re facing unique challenges that require new resources to help your students learn safely. If you’re looking for free teaching resources during COVID-19, LEGO® Education has guidance for teaching online, tips for continuing collaboration, and inspiration for teaching in a hands-on way. Find their free resources for educators here.

For more information on how to use for your school supply needs, reach out to our teacher support staff at [email protected].

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