Heartland Financial USA, Inc. Donates More Than $260,000 in Support of High-Needs Schools

A much-needed and meaningful gift on World Teachers’ Day. 

This is a particularly challenging year for our K-12 schools, teachers, students, and their families. Schools continue to wrestle with how best to conduct school while maintaining a safe and healthy environment. Whether learning is taking place in the classroom or remotely from home, the burden and added expense for teachers and schools due to COVID-19 is enormous.  Heartland and its 11 member banks want to help. 

In partnership with AdoptAClassroom.org, each of the 11 member banks has adopted a high-needs school in its community. Each bank will donate $20,000 to its school, empowering the educators to purchase the supplies, materials and tools needed to keep their school safe and students learning. Employees have stepped up as well with an online fundraiser. 100 percent of employee donations will go to the adopted schools. 

It’s not back-to-school as usual this year. No longer are pencils and paper the most-ordered school supplies on the AdoptAClassroom.org marketplace. This year, the top position goes to personal protection equipment (PPE). Whether they are teaching in the classroom or from home, teachers told us they are spending more of their own money than ever before on school supplies. Teachers are equipping their students with the technology and supplies they need to learn remotely, when parents simply can’t afford the tools to keep them connected. Teachers are also purchasing PPE and multiples of basic supplies for the classroom, as it is no longer safe for students to share. 

“As adults, we know that the challenges presented by COVID are temporary. But for my young students, these challenges are scary, seemingly never-ending, and all-consuming. Having the proper resources to meet their needs will make these challenges easier to bear for my students and for me.” – Jennifer, Classroom Teacher

The 11 Banks donating $20,000 or more to one school in their local community include:

Banks will announce their adopted schools later this month. Watch for updates on the AdoptAClassroom.org Facebook page.

We salute our friends at Heartland and its 11 member banks. Your gift goes a long way and helps ensure that every child has the tools they deserve to learn and succeed in school.