Six Ways to Help Teachers during COVID-19

Six Ways to Help Teachers During COVID-19

COVID-19 has accelerated pre-existing inequalities in our education system. Distance learning is often inaccessible to high-needs students and we need to help teachers so their students aren’t left behind. Our 2020 Teacher Spending Survey found that 43 percent of students disengaged from learning since schools closed this spring. Teachers cited lack of internet and reliable devices as a key cause of student disconnect.

We have a crucial period of time this summer to help teachers prepare for the fall. 

Tackling the impact of COVID-19 on education can feel overwhelming, so we put together a few ideas for you to try this summer. Making a direct donation to help teachers is a great first step, but we also included ideas for people who can’t donate right now. 

How you can help now:

  1. Reach out and see how you can help teachers. Ask teachers in your life how you can show up. Teachers know best what they need, ask them!
  2. Tell teachers in your life about Lots of teachers are pulling out their wallets to cover surprise distance learning costs. You can help teachers by letting them know they can crowdfund for free on You can be their fundraising buddy!
  3. Donate to a classroom or school now! Search 1000s of educators now to support on 
  4. Show up after the news cycle ends. During a crisis it is important to help teachers, but they also need you all year round. You can show up consistently by making your gift monthly.
  5. Make a gift to Donate directly to to support everything we do.
  6. Share this resource with three people. People are more likely to help when asked directly. Join forces with your loved ones to grow our community of classroom heroes!

Download and share six ways to help teachers during COVID-19.

Thank you so much for your support! Let us know what you’re doing to help teachers right now by tweeting us @Adopt_Classroom on Twitter.