Teacher Appreciation Week $100 Classroom Giveaway

This giveaway has concluded. Visit our Teacher Funding Opportunities page to learn more about current and upcoming educator funding opportunities from AdoptAClassroom.org.

While being a teacher has never been easy, it also has never been this hard.

During our April Distance Learning Twitter Chat, we asked teachers if their out-of-pocket spending for their job had stayed the same or even increased. Overwhelmingly, teachers told us they are spending more.

We want to help. In celebration of Teacher Appreciation Week, we will be randomly drawing 180 teacher pages for a $100 classroom adoption to spend on the supplies they need right now. 

To enter, there are four quick & easy steps:

We invite any PreK-12 public, private, or charter school teacher to enter by creating or updating their classroom profile page by May 10, 2020. To be eligible, classroom pages must be public and include the following:

  1. In the “Description” section of your page, add a specific and unique story about your classroom. This can be an anonymous story about a specific student, a story about a personal struggle or success, or something that highlights how your classroom or students have been impacted by COVID-19.
  2. Add the hashtag “#DistanceLearning2020” in your Description section so we know you are applying for this donation.
  3. In the “How will you spend your funds?” section, tell us what you currently need for your classroom, and list the specific items you will purchase, if known. You are not obligated to purchase the specific items on your list. We know your classroom needs are always changing.
  4. Include a high-quality photo of yourself or a photo of your classroom (read our tips here). To upload a photo, click Update My Information on the Teacher Dashboard, and click the photo icon.

If you are having trouble creating or updating your classroom page, please read this blog post before contacting us.

New to AdoptAClassroom.org?

More Details About This Donation

  • AdoptAClassroom.org will be randomly selecting classrooms that meet our above funding criteria and Terms of Use for this opportunity. 
  • Funded teachers will be notified via email by May 14, 2020 and have 12 months to spend their donation.
  • If teachers change schools over the summer, they may spend their donation on items for their new classroom per AdoptAClassroom.org’s Terms of Use as long as their new school meets our eligibility requirements.

Now is a Great Time to Register with AdoptAClassroom.org

We are working hard to get teachers the funds they need to access needed materials. Across the nation, parents and communities have a deeper understanding and appreciation for their teachers. More exciting things are coming your way, so now is a great time to update your classroom page or register for the first time.

Thank you for all you do for your students. You inspire those around you every day.


$100 Classroom Adoption Winner List

Alexander Correll
Alicia Walker
Allison Pattion
Amanda Miller
Amanda McCraw
Amanda Haas
Amber Farmer
Amy Becker
Andrea Leibowitz
Angela Williams
Angela Lopez
Angela Tarango
Ann Panttaja
Annette Lutes
Ashley Brown
Ashley Hatch
Becky Jontos
Beth Henschel
Bill Neidel
Bridgett Dora
Carmen Saenz
Carrie Douty
Chloe Salzman
Chrietina Blazej
Chris Kargol
Christie Brown
Christina Karn
Christine Slayton
Christy Gibson
Christy Flynn
Christy Irrgang
Cindy Fikree
Constance Smith-Clemens
Cristina Duran
Danielle Crowley
Debra McEathron
Donna Wheeler
Donna Lennon
Donnetta Norris
Dottie Schaffner
E. Fredrich
Elizabeth Sunderman
Emy Delgado
Erika Marcum
Faith Bench
Ghislaine Gery
Gina Goodman
Heather Hollands
Heather Dragon
Heather Bartlett
Heather Williams
Heather Webb
Heidi Cooper
Holly Lauber
Ilene Zedek
Iliana San Martin
Irene Rush
Irene Gutierrez
Jacara Thompson
Jacqueline Riquelme
Jacquelyn Redfern
Jaime Robinson
Jami Witherell
Janelle Wagner
Jeffrey Stepansky
Jen Duman
Jenn Gant
Jenna Whitney
Jennife Sutton
Jennifer Ritchie
Jennifer Tschaepe
Jennifer Consomer
Jenny Black
Jillian Cappola
Jim Shoff
Joy McCook
Joyce Pamintuan
Judy Hernandez
Julie Gates
Julie Dupuis
Kailyn Kloster
Karin Reed
Kathy Mack
Katie Mason
Kelli Bridwell
Kellie Stilson
Kelsey Anderson
Kim Smythe
Kim LaCoste
Kirsten Lehman
Kristin O’Brien
Kristin Rambo
Kristina Beltz
Krystina Morgan
Laura Graves
Laura Heuer
Lauren Friel
Lauren Grant
Leonor Obando Fonseca
Lilian Ng
Lisa Liss
Lisa Henline
Lisa DiMaggio
LisaMarie Rasberry
Liz Pearson
Lizbeth Magallanes Barcenas
Lorena Aceves
LuChana Ayers
Luz Ramirez
Lynnett Cummings
Mandy Earp
Marcie Comtois
Margaret Ohmes
Maria Monaco
Maria Hull
Maricela Bustillos-Rodriguez
Maricruz De Anda
Marta Loza
Mary Camp-Hollis
Matthew Kline
Megan McNinch
Melinda Wilson
Melissa Bushnell
Melissa Price
Melissa Survinski
Michelle Sullins
Michelle Mitchell
Mina Richardson
Mirshish Boyd
Ms. Steffenie
Naomi Weintraub
Natalie Mew
Natalie Marsh
Nathan Guteras
Nicole Lipinsky
Nikita Gibbs-Nolen
Noelle Carter
Noraly Rodriguez
Pamela Sloss
Paula Borstel
Peggy Harvey
Rebecca Castonguay
Rosalind Carbo
Rose Diller
Ruth Rabago
Ryan Brown
Sabrina Decker
Sabrina Sweeney
Samantha Ruggles
Sandra Prades Bertran
Sandy Garcia
Sara Perry
Sharon McDaniel
Shelly Thibodaux
Shirle Grangeiro
Stacey Higgins
Stacy Lugo
Stephanie Catron
Stephanie Gladney
Summer Butler
Susan Bivens
Susan Green
Susan Gonzalez-Stanton
Susan Hartman
Susin Hall
Suzanne Williams
Suzanne Mini
Tanya Wright
Taren Harmon
Teresa Pavloff
Terri Hartley
Therese Hubbell
Tiffany Benton
Tiffany Dial
Tina Sorensen
Tonya Bell
Traci Dooley-Pitts
Travis Martin
William Heidenfeldt
Yvonne Marquez


Giveaway Rules


Limit one entry per teacher. PreK-12 public, private, or charter school teachers registered on AdoptAClassrom.org in compliance of our website’s Terms of Use may enter. Winners will be randomly selected and must meet the Classroom Page Guidelines below.

Classroom Page Guidelines

Teachers must have a public AdoptAClassroom.org Classroom Profile Page that includes:

  1. A specific and unique story about the teacher’s classroom in the Description section.
  2. The hashtag “#DistanceLearning2020” in the classroom page’s Description section.
  3. A description or a list of items needed in the “How will you spend your funds?” section.
  4. A high-quality photo of the teacher or a photo of their classroom (no student faces visible – read our tips here). To upload a photo, click Update My Information on the Teacher Dashboard, and click the photo icon.


Participation in this giveaway constitutes entrant’s full and unconditional agreement to and acceptance of these Official Rules, which are final and binding. Winning a Prize is contingent upon fulfilling all requirements set forth herein.


The giveaway begins on (5/4/2020) at 12:00 AM CT and ends (5/10/2020) at 11:59 PM CT. Entries received before or after this end time will not be considered.


Winners must be a PreK-12 public, private, or charter school teacher who is registered on AdoptAClassroom.org, a legal resident of one of the fifty United States or the District of Columbia and at least 18 years of age at the time of entry. Pre-K teachers must teach at a program that is based in an accredited K-12 school as indicated in our Terms of Use. Participation is subject to all federal, state, and local laws and regulations. Void where prohibited by law.


A random drawing will be conducted on or about 5/13/2020 from all eligible entries received to select 180 Potential Winners. Odds of winning depend on the number of eligible entries received during the Promotion Period. Potential Winners do not need to be present at the time of the Drawing to accept the Prize.


AdoptAClassroom.org will post a list of the Potential Winners in this blog post, and the Prize will be deposited in the Potential Winner’s AdoptAClassroom.org account. If a Potential Winner declines to accept the Prize, or if a Potential Winner is disqualified for any reason, AdoptAClassroom.org will select an alternate Potential Winner based on a random drawing among all remaining eligible entries received. A Potential Winner is not a verified winner until eligibility and compliance with these Official Rules has been confirmed.


AdoptAClassroom.org will select 180 Prize winners who will be awarded one $100 donation to their AdoptAClassroom.org Classroom Account. The Prize consists of only the items listed and AdoptAClassroom.org shall not be responsible for any fees, costs, or taxes arising out of or in connection with Winner’s use of Prize. Prize is non-transferable, and no substitution, assignment, or refund of a prize is permitted, except by AdoptAClassroom.org, who reserves the right to substitute a prize with another prize of greater or equal value, if a prize is not available for any reason as determined by AdoptAClassroom.org in its sole discretion. Limit one Prize per person.


AdoptAClassroom.org. This contest is in no way sponsored or administered by Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.