April Marketplace Update: Distance Learning Supplies

AdoptAClassroom.org is still fully operational, and we’re committed to providing a fundraising platform for teachers and principals so they can get the distance learning supplies they need to reach their students.

Due to COVID-19 related school closures, we understand that many schools are unable to accept packages. That’s why we’re modifying our existing tools so educators can still spend AdoptAClassroom.org their donations and receive the materials they purchase while schools are closed.

If you need to spend your donations, but can’t receive packages at your school, read our FAQ on how we can assist you here.

AdoptAClassroom.org donations expire one year after you receive them, and any unspent funds are reallocated to support educators across the country. If your funds are expiring soon, and you’re unable to spend them because of COVID-19, you can reach out to [email protected] to request an extension.

AdoptAClassroom.org Vendors for Distance Learning Supplies

AdoptAClassroom.org is here to support educators during this transition to the new normal of distance learning. There are many great ways to use your funds for distance learning supplies so you can continue giving your students the support they need from afar. 

Here are just a few of our vendors that offer distance learning resources:

Staples® provides everything from pencils to printers. With a wide range of distance learning tools, Staples® can help you meet the needs of your students through technology and more.

Featured: Chromebooks

Staples® offers a wide selection of Chromebooks that enable students to engage in learning from their homes.

Learning A-Z provides web-based lessons in reading, writing, science, and more to your entire classroom!

Featured: Science A-Z

Science A-Z helps put science into practice with engaging experiments and activities that use everyday items to expand on unit concepts.

Learners Edge has continuing education courses for educators while working from home.

Featured: Grief and Your Students: Honoring, Sharing, Healing

This course provides strategies to help educators deal with the sensitive topics of grief and school-wide loss.

We’re gathering distance learning resources to help educators through this difficult transition period. If you’d like to share distance learning resources with the AdoptAClassroom.org educator community, please email them to Devon at [email protected].

The AdoptAClassroom.org marketplace offers a wide variety of school and office supplies for teachers to select from. See our full list of vendors here or register your classroom to search our marketplace for items you can purchase with donated funds.

If you can’t find the distance learning supplies you’re looking for through the AdoptAClassroom.org shop email us at [email protected] and we can help.