Unusual Times. Original Thinking. Transparency. Because Learning Can’t Stop.

The Coronavirus pandemic is challenging all of us to rethink how we live and work. For those of us in the nonprofit sector, it challenges us to rethink how we can best fulfill our mission in changed circumstances.

Students are home. Schools are closed. Teachers are working remotely. Many students’ families do not have access to the technology tools or basic materials needed for distance learning. 

With your support, we can equip teachers and students with the tools they need to continue learning. Here are some examples of specific ways we are doing that:

Disaster Relief Fund for COVID-19 – Focus on Districts to Maximize Impact.

Our focus continues to be getting tools in the hands of students now so teachers can get back to teaching. Because technology tools need to be compatible across schools and districts to be effective, we are working with district leaders across the country to identify cost-effective tools that are compatible with district-wide systems and computer-based curriculum programs. To maximize our impact, we are focusing initially on just a few high needs districts that have clear plans for rapidly rolling out distance learning, and clearly articulated priorities for where those resources will be distributed to have the greatest impact.

Our vendor partners are facilitating rapid, bulk purchasing and shipping of laptop computers at greatly discounted prices. At this time, there is not a way for districts or educators to apply for funds, but we will expand our support to more school districts across the country as funds become available. Your donation to our Disaster Relief Fund will be used to meet the needs of high-needs students quickly and effectively, learn more here.

Flexible Funding for Educators.

AdoptAClassroom.org’s platform has always provided teachers and schools with the flexibility to order exactly what they need for their students, and a full year to spend each donation. Donors who contribute directly to an individual teacher or school get a list of exactly what was purchased. Donors to our Spotlight Funds get sample stories from teachers who received grants. So what’s different now? 

  • Educators can request an extension of time to spend donations. 
  • Where schools are not open to accept deliveries, we are working with school districts to arrange delivery and pickup locations so teachers can access supplies.
  • While our Disaster Relief Fund for COVID-19 is currently prioritizing grants to districts to support distance learning for high-needs students, we will be doing a call for grants applications from high-needs teachers during the Summer months. To receive more information about this opportunity later in the year, we encourage teachers to register their classroom here.

Your donations to individual teachers or to our Spotlight Funds will continue to provide essential, flexible funding for teachers and their students. Read more about our commitment to educators during this time here.

Your donation to AdoptAClassroom.org will help us continue to support educators and their students through these challenging times. Because learning can’t stop. We are so grateful for your support!

If you have any questions about AdoptAClassroom.org or our Disaster Relief Fund, please contact [email protected].