10 Teacher Tweets That Show The Impact of Classroom Funding

With the popularity of the #ClearTheLists movement, thousands of teacher tweets have shown just how many of our nation’s teachers and students don’t have the classroom supplies they need. Unfortunately, this problem has existed for a long time. That’s why, since 1998, AdoptAClassroom.org has worked with donors nationwide to raise $39 million for classrooms in need of school materials.

We asked teachers to tell us on Twitter how AdoptAClassroom.org donors have helped their classroom with a donation. Hundreds of teachers told their stories of how donations had a huge impact on them and their students. Teachers who have never received funding on AdoptAClassroom.org told us what a donation would mean for them.

Here are ten teacher tweets that show how your donation to a classroom on AdoptAClassroom.org could impact a teacher and their students.

1. Providing inclusive supplies

2. Bringing STEAM to the classroom

3. Giving support when classrooms need it most

4. Putting special needs supplies in the hands of those who need them

5. Helping classrooms with the greatest need

6. Leveling the playing field for students

7. Restocking classroom consumable supplies

8. Funding music education

9. Creating an engaging classroom

10. Making the classroom a safe space

If you’d like to support classrooms asking for help, we make it easy to find and fund classrooms in need! Click here to find and fund a classroom.

If you’re interested in supporting larger, school-wide projects that impact all of the classrooms and students in a school, click here to find and fund a school.