June Teacher Newsletter

A young boy is smiling against a tiled school supplies background. The text reads "Thank you for a great school year!"

This school year, supporters helped 210,000 students nationwide! You can check out a few highlights from the year here. Thank you so much for your incredible work. We hope you have a summer filled with rest and relaxation!

An image of a calculator. The text reads "How to find the best shipping rates."

Get the most bang for your buck by spending strategically. Click here for more info.

An image of a person typing on a laptop, cropped so you can only see their hands. The text reads "Teacher Tips: How to Create a Classroom Page."

Just getting started or need a refresh? Get an overview on creating your Classroom Page here.

A faded image of two people sitting at a table drinking coffee. The text reads "The Teachers Lounge at AdoptAClassroom.org."

The Teachers’ Lounge Facebook group is a supportive space exclusively for AdoptAClassroom.org K-12 teachers to share teaching resources, ask questions, give advice, generate classroom or fundraising ideas, and help each other grow. 

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