Turnkey Ways Businesses Can Give Back to Local Teachers

Teachers as a whole work hard everyday because they genuinely care about their students and want them to do well. Often, their dedication and extra efforts go unnoticed or unappreciated. But, if they stop and think about it, most people can name at least one teacher that really stood out and made life better for them.

Can you picture your favorite teacher? Maybe they inspired you to dream big, made learning more fun, opened your mind to a new way of thinking, or supported you when you really needed someone to believe in you. It’s time to say thanks.

Teacher Appreciation Week, May 5th-11th, is the perfect time to thank our nation’s amazing teachers for all they do. AdoptAClassroom.org can help you and your work team do just that. We have easy, turnkey ways for businesses to join the fun, and engage their employees, customers, vendors, and other stakeholders.

How can your business join AdoptAClassroom.org to thank our nation’s teachers?

Idea #1 – Send FREE thank-you eCards.

Join our Thank A Teacher movement that’s fun and free! Ask your employees to go to AdoptAClassroom.org/ThankATeacher and choose a video eCard to send to the teachers in their lives. It’s quick. It’s easy. All they need is the name and email address for each teacher they’d like to send an eCard to. They can add personal notes and send as many as they like.

This unique team-building opportunity is a great way to connect your employees to your brand’s commitment to giving back.

The best part? Anyone can pre-schedule their eCards today and AdoptAClassroom.org will send them out for you in time for Teacher Appreciation Day on May 7th.

Idea #2 – Help us spread the word.

  • Ask your internal communications team to send out the eCard link through your internal channels.
  • Remind employees about the upcoming Teacher Appreciation Week and how important it is to recognize the teachers who have made a difference in their lives.  
  • Send the eCard link to your customers, vendors and other stakeholders. Why not include family and friends while you’re at it! We can provide you with additional creative content that your marketing and social media teams can use. The more posting and tweeting the better.   

Idea # 3 – Adopt a classroom or school.

AdoptAClassroom.org makes it easy for businesses to donate to classrooms and schools at the local level and throughout the U.S. Supporting educators is a meaningful way to engage your employees in the community, and instill a sense of pride in your company. Your employees and customers will feel good knowing you have helped put school supplies in the hands of children so they can learn and succeed.

Wanna go bigger? Your employees can surprise a school with a school-wide adoption event. Present your donation at a school-wide assembly using a giant AdoptAClassroom.org gift card. It’s a meaningful way to transform a school and create positive change within a community. And, your employees will leave the event feeling a lot of gratitude and pride. Read more here.

To adopt a classroom, visit us online to search for a classroom by location, teacher name,  or school name. Or contact us at [email protected], or dial 1.877.384.0764. We would love to help you.

If you’re interested in contributing  to a school-wide initiative, you can find a school here.

Have questions or want to learn more about partnering with us?

Contact [email protected].