Four Tips from Dr. Jakeisha Gibson on Creating a Fundraising Plan

During Teacher Appreciation Week, May 6 – 10, 2019, is matching every unique donation to your classroom up to $50. Check out this blog post for details. 

Teachers spend hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars a year to provide students with the resources they deserve. We’re experts on making the most of a small budget, if we have one at all.

To help you make the most of this donation match opportunity, I’ve created a Teacher Appreciation Week checklist, with fundraising tips you can use when asking for donations to your classroom.

My Fundraising Checklist

  1. Set a realistic goal. Does your tissue supply need to be restocked for spring, or are you refreshing your classroom library? Pick a tangible and realistic goal, whether it’s $100 or $1000. This helps others understand why you need help, and it builds urgency as you get close. Still need $100? Let everyone know! That’s only $50 with a donation match.
  2. Update your classroom page. Make sure your school, classroom description, and what you need is up to date. This helps donors find your classroom and learn more about your passion: helping your students.
  3. Make a list of people and organizations to ask. Did you know 1 in 4 people asked to donate will give? Facebook friends, Facebook groups, Instagram, local businesses, local government officials, and your PTO or PTA are good places to start.  
  4. Find some friends to help you. Leverage your connections to expand your reach beyond your immediate social circle. Look to your friends who are members of clubs and organizations, or who have a lot of Facebook friends! You never know who your message will resonate with.

I hope this checklist helps you prepare for Teacher Appreciation Week. If you’re still feeling stuck or want more inspiration, I’ve also written 5 tips on telling your story. Thank you for your dedication to your students.

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