Triple your gift to the Inclusive Classroom Fund, up to $5,000!

Through the end of March 2019 we’re tripling your gift to the Inclusive Classroom Fund, up to $5,000.
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What is an inclusive classroom? An inclusive classroom addresses inequity in the classroom on the basis of race, ethnicity, family background, sexual and gender identity, ability, or any personal or social circumstances.

Why is it important? Having everything you need to learn goes beyond a pencil. Jeanette, a Special Education teacher at Herzl School of Excellence in Chicago, IL,  explains that her students cannot thrive in a traditional environment. “The same way a fish cannot thrive out of water, my students cannot thrive in an environment that is not made for them.”

We created the Inclusive Classroom Fund to help ensure every student has what they deserve to feel safe and thrive in school. Studies show when students feel supported, their mental health improves and their grades skyrocket. GLSEN reported in the 2011 National School Climate Survey that LGBT students who report having a greater number of supportive staff (six or more) had higher GPAs.

How do schools make that happen? To create a sense of shared community for LGBT students, a school could stock their library with LGBT literature, add LGBT history to school curriculum, and invest in a bullying intervention program.

There are many ways a donation to the Inclusive Classroom Fund can make a difference in a student’s life. Previous donors funded wiggle chairs for students who need help focusing, books that allow students to feel proud of their diverse family or heritage, and professional development to give teachers the tools to make their classroom a more inclusive place. With school budgets dwindling, your gift covers the cost of items classrooms could not access otherwise.

Here’s where you make a difference. Give to the Inclusive Classroom Fund today and triple your impact in the fight for equity in education. Together, we can make sure every student has fair shot at the education they deserve.