This School Year, Highest-Need Fund Supporters Give to 6,000+ Students in Need Nationwide

When you donate to the Highest-Need Fund you’re supporting classrooms in high-poverty communities. Traditional fundraising can be difficult for teachers and principals in schools where many families already struggle financially. The Highest-Need Fund fills that gap and helps donors get supplies in the hands of students who need it most. Together, we’re supporting equity in education.
How it works
The Highest-Need Fund is one of our Spotlight Funds. Donors give to a Spotlight Fund over the course of the year. solicits applications for each individual fund from teachers or schools registered on our site. We review applications and select grant recipients based on merit and status as a Title I school.
Thank you to our Highest-Need Fund donors for making all of this possible. Below you can read a few highlights and download the full impact report.

A story from a High-Need Classroom:
Heather | Sycamore Junior High School | Anaheim, CA
Every day I have another conversation with one of my students who is dealing with trauma. It ranges from economic hardship, divorce, deportation in the family, death, mental health, or incarceration. These kids overcome many obstacles to reach their goals. For many, it is a daily struggle.
We used your donation on a program to support our upcoming College Week. Donating to my students means they can realize college is an attainable goal at an early age. It sends my students the message you believe in us.
To support classrooms like Heather’s, make a donation to the Highest-Need Fund today.
Download the full Impact Report >