This Valentine’s Day, we’re adding $25 to classroom donations of $50 or more!

*** Last Updated 2/14/19 at 5PM CST: 0 donations remain. ***

We’ve reached our goal, but please keep supporting the teachers you love. Thank you to everyone who participated!

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Want to make your favorite teacher feel appreciated this Valentine’s Day? We’re here to help.

When you share the love this Valentine’s Day by donating $50 or more, we’ll add an extra $25*! Matching begins at at 10 AM CST on Tuesday, 2/14/2019.

Teachers spend on average $740 a year of their own money to make sure their students have the school supplies they deserve. We know this has to change. A little love from all of us can go a long way, so be sure to share your teacher’s page on social so your friends can help, too.

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Donate now and support teachers and students as they finish up the school year.


*Matching begins at 10 AM CST on Thursday, 2/14/2019 and ends when we hit our goal of 40 classrooms. Donors will be notified via email by 6pm CST on 2/14/2019 if their donation earned a match. We will update this page the moment the match runs out. Donations must be processed on 2/14/2019 as part of the first 40 classrooms. Mailed checks and pledges are not eligible for a match.

To help as many classrooms as we can, each classroom is limited to one $25 match per individual donor. If you make multiple donations to one teacher, they will receive only one $25 match from you. However, if you donate to five different teachers, all five will be eligible for the $25 match if funds remain. If multiple different donors contribute to the same teacher, that teacher will be eligible for multiple $25 matches. Teachers cannot donate to their own classrooms and qualify for a match. Teachers will receive the matching donation within a week in their account.