Teachers First Fund: Up to $20,000 Matched

AUGUST 21 & 22 ONLY!

OOLY and the AdoptAClassroom.org Board of Directors are challenging YOU to a dollar-for-dollar match for our Annual Fund up to $20,000. Your donation will go where it’s needed most to help teachers.

For two decades you’ve helped AdoptAClassroom.org fund teachers across the country.  But our job isn’t done. Far from it. Today, more than ever, teachers need our support.

Our new 2018 teacher survey shows that teachers out-of-pocket spending to equip their classrooms is on the rise, in a big way. Teachers are spending 23% more of their own money than in 2015. The average teacher now spends more than $740 on their classroom each and every year.

You helped us reach our 20-year milestone, now join us as we kick-off our next 20 years.

Teachers need AdoptAClassroom.org. We need you to help us Put Teachers First.

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