Classroom Crowdfunding: #ArmMeWith Social Media Toolkit

We receive amazing success stories from teachers who raise hundreds to thousands of dollars crowdfunding on When we asked our veteran fundraisers to share their advice for those new to crowdfunding, many of them gave the same answer: Utilize social media.

Join the movement!

Teachers have proven to be social media trendsetters, starting recent hashtag movements like #ArmMeWith and #MyRealClassroom. Even if you don’t have a large online following, taking part in a popular social movement can draw attention to your classroom page from donors across the country. Not sure where to start? We’ve created a social media toolkit so you can easily crowdfund with Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Social Media Toolkit

Show donors which classroom supplies you need with the following #ArmMeWith images.

Step #1: Personalize your post

Message Idea: Tell your followers what your classroom needs right now with a link to your page.

Example: #ArmMeWith books. My students read through most of the chapter books in my classroom library and we are running out of material that interests them to finish the year.

Step #2: Use one of these images to get more attention




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