How To Succeed In Grant Applications Without Really Stressing

As an teacher, you’re a funding machine. You know how to ask for the funds you need from parents, teachers, and neighbors. You got this.

But did you know also has grant programs? Each school year, we have a rotation of application rounds for our various funds, including Arts, STEM, Highest Need, and our brand new Inclusive Classroom Fund!

So now there’s this new funding opportunity, and you want it. You know that $1,000 in classroom funds is coming to you. You can just about taste it!

So how do you ensure you set yourself up for success? Grant applications are different from your average everyday funding ask. These are evaluated by a team of staff and while we wish we could pick everyone, only the best are funded.

So how do you make sure yours stands out? At, we are rooting for you and have pulled together some helpful tips for grant writing below.

Be specific.

The grant application is going to ask you for some important information about your classroom needs—don’t be afraid to get down into the nitty gritty! More is better in this case: we want that list of supplies and prices—tell us what you plan to do with the funds you get. Show us that you have a specific need and a specific way you want to fulfill it. Look through the shop for ideas!

Be yourself.

We want to know what makes your classroom unique, what drives you as a teacher, what’s awesome and cool about your students. What are you doing that will make us say “wow!”? Tell us about it!

Be correct.

Remember your five paragraph essay rules: have a clear thesis statement, supporting points and evidence, and a conclusion. Write it out like you’re writing a very important letter to your superintendent. Take the time to proofread! The applications that win are the ones who have clear, precise expression of their ideas, in full sentences and paragraphs.

Do a video!

Get that camera out and show us your beautiful face! We want to see you in your teaching environment, and we want to learn more about your school and your classroom by seeing it. There’s nothing more compelling in a grant application than being able to see what teachers are working with every single day.

Have fun!

Don’t be afraid to show your funny side. Be creative and inventive! Show us what you can do in the classroom with the grant funds, and show us what makes you you.

The main thing to remember is this: take your time, think carefully about your answers, and be intentional in submitting your application materials. By taking the time to prepare, you’ll increase your chances of being selected! Good luck to you!

If you have any questions about your grant or the application process, you can reach out to our teacher support staff at [email protected].