Help kids believe in themselves, and you get a gift from OOLY!

As an “Art Teacher” I want to give my students the ability to experience new adventures through art. Many of these students are raised without a father or mother figure or have gone through many hard situations in life that makes them feel like they are not worthy of recognition. With this said I want my students to feel freedom in art, and have an amazing classroom where they can see the best of themselves come out. Many people told them: ‘You will not be anything in life,’ ‘you will not mount to anything’, but in this classroom “YOU ARE THE STAR” “YOU ARE THE ARTIST” and “YOU CAN ACHIEVE ANYTHING IN LIFE IF YOU BELIEVE”

—Xiara Rivera, Art Teacher

Dear Supporter,

If I look back on my own childhood, my arts education began with my first coloring book and a box of crayons. I admit I often drew outside the lines, and my color choices were questionable, but it was my introduction to creative thinking and exploration of the arts.

As I began my schooling, my arts education was nurtured through the exposure to various art media provided by my teachers. This opened my awareness of other cultures, fueled my creative thinking and developed my analytical skills.

Today, due to budget cuts and the emphasis on testing, arts programs are the first to be cut. This leaves today’s kids without a real outlet to be creative; to be a kid.

With your help, we can change that. OOLY has partnered with to put the fun and creativity back into the classroom. But we can’t do it without you.

ooly-watercolor-packThat’s why we’re offering a gift of an OOLY watercolor gift pack to the first 20 donors who give $75 or more to the OOLY Art Fund.
Make your contribution of $75 or more to be qualified to receive your OOLY gift!

Your donation will not only help provide arts education to schools which can no longer offer this enriching curriculum, it will increase graduation rates for those who are most at risk. Low-income students who take art classes are five times more likely to graduate from high school than those who don’t.

Students often cite art classes as their motivation for staying in school. Let’s keep them enrolled by making art education a possibility for every child.

Please consider donating to the OOLY Art Fund today.

Donate today to give more kids the chance to explore their creativity and just be kids. OOLY will thank you. Kids will thank you. Your former art teacher will definitely thank you!

Looking forward to the brighter futures we can create together,

Carol Pankiw Tyner
Founder and CEO, OOLY