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Your donations make a difference. Art Fund supports excellence in art instruction across the country. Art teachers use their funds to purchase the materials and tools they need to equip a classroom that excites the imagination and inspires creativity.

Why art teachers need a hand:

  • $600

    the average teachers spend of their own money on school supplies each year

  • 82%

    of teachers surveyed purchased art materials for their classrooms

  • 91%

    of teachers purchase basic supplies for their classrooms

Your donation will go to support art classrooms in need. We will email updates about the positive impact you've made to provide additional resources for arts instruction.

“Student participation in arts education shows a significant and positive correlation with high school graduation rates.”  - 2010 Missouri Alliance for Arts Education study

  • Becca Hanson
    Art Teacher
    “I don’t think we could have an art class without all the materials that I buy.” 
  • Shaadia
    High School Art Student
    “I think teachers must love their students if they’re spending their own money on them, but it’s kind of sad. You should be given the supplies you need to teach. Art teachers need supplies.”

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