OOLY Kicks Off New Year with New Philanthropic Partner, AdoptAClassroom.org

Together they will provide art teachers more access to much-needed classroom art supplies.

OCEANSIDE, CA – January 1, 2017 – OOLY, formerly International Arrivals, today announced their new partnership with national non-profit AdoptAClassroom.org. The consumer products company, known for their fun and trend-forward art, crafts, and school supplies is taking a fresh approach to their branding and their social responsibility. The company has a long history of supporting a variety of charitable causes. Now, with a new name, comes a new focus on their community giving for greater impact.

OOLY has agreed to be Title Sponsor of the AdoptAClassroom.org new Art Fund. The Art Fund was established as one of the AdoptAClassroom.org new Spotlight Funds, each focusing on a particular area of underserved needs or subjects. Other Spotlight Funds include Music, Literacy, STEM, special needs, disaster relief and first-year teachers. The newly branded OOLY Art Fund, which will focus on giving art teachers more access to the supplies and materials they need to innovate and inspire their students in the classroom, is just the first of many programs the partners have in the works.

“OOLY is a perfect fit for our organization, we know our teachers are already big fans of their products,” said Ann Ness, Executive Director of AdoptAClassroom.org. “*Research shows that student participation in arts education shows a significant and positive correlation with high school graduation rates. Together, we can play an important role in a student’s success now and in the future.”

The national 501(c)(3), AdoptAClassroom.org, provides teachers across the U.S. with a crowdfunding platform to raise funds for their classrooms. Two-thirds of all classroom supplies are purchased by teachers. On average, teachers spend $600 of their own each year to equip their classrooms with the tools their students need to learn and succeed. Art teachers are known to spend much more.  AdoptAClassroom.org receives their funding through individuals Donors, Foundations, and corporate sponsors.

“Our hope is to help teachers provide students the necessary tools they need to express their passion,” said President, Carol Pankiw Tyner. “Giving is part of the OOLY culture and we feel that it is important to support organizations that are aligned with our values and that truly make a difference in our world.”

*2010 Missouri Alliance for Arts Education study



AdoptAClassroom.org empowers teachers by providing the classroom supplies and materials needed to help their students learn and succeed. As an award-winning 501(c)(3), AdoptAClassroom.org makes it easy for individual donors and corporate sponsors to donate funds to K-12 classrooms in public, private and charter schools throughout the U.S.  On average, teachers spend $600 of their own money each year to equip their classrooms – 20% of teachers spend more than $1000 annually. Since 1998 AdoptAClassroom.org has raised more than $30 million and benefited more than 2.2 million students. AdoptAClassroom.org holds a 4-star rating from Charity Navigator. For more information, or to adopt a classroom, please visit www.adoptaclassroom.org.


OOLY is International Arrivals’ new name and will continue with our creative colorful products.

OOLY supplies are sold in thousands of retail stores and are enjoyed by consumers all over the world. The company designs and produces art supplies, stationery items and D.I.Y. kits that will Create Your Happy! Find us at ooly.com

Check out the AdoptAClassroom.org Art Fund to support great art teachers who need supplies.