The Teachers’ Lounge: What would your dream classroom look like?

What would your dream classroom look like?

It’s the holiday season, and most people are dreaming of cookies, cozy blankets, and new toys. But for the 91% of teachers who purchase classroom supplies for students whose families can’t afford them, those dreams look a little different.

Teachers are dreaming of tissues, pencils, and dry-erase markers to restock their classrooms for 2017. Last month, we asked them to dream just a little bit bigger. We wanted to know what their classroom would look like if there was no limit.

At we try to minimize limitations, by giving teachers the freedom to use their funds on whatever they need for their classroom, without waiting until they hit a certain goal. Teachers know best, after all.

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Some wanted more technology


“My room would be spacious so we could have a reader’s loft, a technology center and a STEM section. I would like to have modern workstations for everyone. My students come from a low socioeconomic background. I would love to offer them a warm and inviting classroom!” – Charlene

“It would have enough iPads for the students to use so they didn’t have share. It would have a SMART Board mounted on the wall on each end that collaboratively connects so they can see it.” – Gretchen

Others dreamed of including nature in their classroom



“I dream of bringing nature into my classroom and my classroom out into nature. I would put in two sliding glass doors so my students and I could walk right out to our pollination garden and bird feeders. The children could feel the wind, watch the monarchs floating around the milkweed and listen to the birds singing as they learn to observe the world with eyes of an ornithologist, botanist, entomologist, etc.” – Linda

Some teachers wanted their dream classroom more cozy


“A classroom that feels more like a home, that is inviting to all learners. Warm light, cool relaxing colors all around, organized and clean. The walls would showcase student work, and displays current resources. There would be a comfortable classroom library, with a large enough space for every student.” – John

“Relaxing lighting, a cushy floor where paint would not be a problem, desks with wheels… Soothing colors and shelves stocked full with art supplies all beautifully labeled and organized.” – Adele

Tons of teachers just wanted more books, storage items and technology. These dreams could be possible for them with more funding. Help us give teachers a hand at

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