Seven Quintessential Back-to-School Photos

Every year, parents across the country snap pictures of their kids on the first day of school. Let’s be honest, they don’t always turn out like perfect catalog images, and sometimes that’s the best part.

This year, your photos can help us support teachers. Simply snap and share a first-day pic from July 24 – August 28* using #KohlsClassroomDonation or redeem your Kohl’s Cash from August 1-14 and Kohl’s will make a donation (a minimum of $250,000 and up to $1 million total).

At, we thought we’d get in on the fun by sharing some of our team’s silliest, most adorable, back-to-school photos.

1. The I-Can’t-Stop-Moving Pose


Our graphic designer Travis was too excited about his first day of school to stand still for a photo.

2. The Siblings-Competing-For-Attention Pose

Jaea Kids

Our Program Coordinator Jaea’s adorable older son had to ham-it-up so his angelic little brother didn’t get ALL the attention!

3. The Mom-Made-Me-Wear-This Pose

ann ness

Our Executive Director Ann Ness went back to school in a dress her mom picked out, with Elaine, who is still her best friend today!

4. The Cute-But-I-Have-A-Plan Pose


Don’t let the heart dress and cute wave fool you, our Program Coordinator Melissa was already plotting shenanigans on her first day of school.

5. The Don’t-Worry-I-Got-This Pose


Our Program Manager Ryan wasn’t worried about his first day at all. With a lot of siblings to watch, he knew the drill.

6. The Check-Out-My-Backpack Pose

1999 shelby 1st day of school 2nd grade (1)

Our Social Media Coordinator Shelby felt pretty cool heading off to second grade with her new backpack and hightop sneakers.

7. The Bowl-Cut Pose


Our PR intern Devon was rocking the classic 90’s kid haircut on his first day of school.

Don’t forget to share your back to school photos with #KohlsClassroomDonation to get in on the fun and help us raise up to $1 MILLION DOLLARS!

*If your school doesn’t start until after August 28, you are welcome to do what we did and use throwback photos from past school years.