A Note from Executive Director Ann Ness


I am honored to introduce myself as the new Executive Director of AdoptAClassroom.org.  I am very excited to join an organization that has a mission that is both inspirational AND impactful: we give teachers a hand by providing much-needed classroom supplies to help their students learn and succeed.

When I tell people that teachers spend $600 of their own money to provide classroom supplies, they often respond, “that isn’t right.”

They are not challenging the correctness of the fact. They just feel it isn’t right – it shouldn’t be this way – that in our country, teachers are expected to dig into their own pockets to do their job. What other profession has such an expectation? And yet what other job is more important to the future of our nation and communities? Teachers earn an average of $36,000 a year, and should have the tools they need to do their job well. AdoptAClassroom.org bridges this gap, and helps provide the additional supplies they need to be successful.

Who among us cannot name a teacher who has changed our lives? I know I can. Our teachers need and deserve our support.

That’s why I am writing to you today.

AdoptAClassroom.org is funded through corporate partners and individual donors such as yourself. (Read more about our impact here.)

I write to ask your help in fulfilling the wishes of the more than 209,000 teachers who have registered on our site. At present, we do not have enough funds to fulfill their requests. But together, I know WE CAN DO IT.

Please click here to get started.

Thank you for helping us give teachers a hand,

Ann Ness
Executive Director

Founded in 1998, AdoptAClassroom.org is an award-winning, national nonprofit organization based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We have a four-star Charity Navigator rating, a nod to our operational excellence and efficiency.