Our favorite #TeacherFashion of the week (And a #PlusIsEqual S/O!)

In our humble–but definitely accurate–opinion, fall is the best fashion season. As a teacher, you have the added benefit of starting a new year (and a new style) every year around this time.

At AdoptAClassroom.org, we have extra reasons to love fall fashion thanks to some of our amazing partners. Have you heard about Lane Bryant‘s #PlusIsEqual campaign? We are proud to partner with a company that believes all women should be valued and represented equally.

If you are shopping online, you can also support classrooms with We-Care.com. Every time you spend money at a participating retailer, AdoptAClassroom.org gets a cut to support our teachers. There’s no additional cost to you, it comes straight from the retailer. Sound cool? Sign up today and We-Care will automatically pop-up whenever you’re shopping on a participating site.

Of course, teachers seem to already have this fall fashion thing down. So we wanted to highlight some of our favorite Instagram #TeacherFashion. We hope your fellow teachers will provide fashion inspiration so that you can go to work everyday feeling comfortable in your skin. Because as we’ve mentioned before, your confidence can have a big influence on your students.






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