What Style Teacher are You: A Lane Bryant Quiz

Can we guess what kind of teacher you are based on your fashion preferences? With the help of Lane Bryant we’re going to try! Pick your favorites below—then head into any Lane Bryant store to get a 15% teacher discount and support local classrooms across the country

1. Choose a Pattern
Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 3.59.49 PM

2. Choose a Jean
Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 4.10.05 PM

3. Choose a Shoe
Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 4.27.30 PM

4. Choose a Piece of Jewelry
Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 4.32.39 PM5. Choose a Pair of Sunglasses

Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 4.41.07 PM


Mostly A’s: The Classic, Creative Teacher

You love reimagining classic looks with your own twist, and the same goes for your lesson plans. Everyone needs to learn the basics, but that doesn’t mean they have to learn them in a basic way.

Mostly B’s: The Edgy, Cool Teacher

The only thing blacker than your coffee is your wardrobe, and you’re always making a statement. Every school has at least one: you’re the cool teacher. You make your students think the lesson plan is the coolest one they’ll ever have and they love you for it.

Mostly C’s: The Sweet Teacher

You’re soft and kind and your kids always feel comfortable confiding in you. Your soft voice speaks loudly to your kids and they appreciate all of the hugs you give them.

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