Hear Our Story on Huffington Post!

Yesterday, our founder Jamie Rosenberg shared the story of how Adopt-A-Classroom started on Huffington Post. Here is an excerpt:

While I was happy professionally, I wanted to give back to the world outside the law firm. I started mentoring a student at a nearby school for mentally and physically delayed children. During my time in the classroom, I was shocked to see how few resources the teacher had to work with and how often she would bring in materials that she had purchased with money out of her own pocket.

Meanwhile, at work, I was exposed to billions of dollars flowing through corporate America, and thought, “Why isn’t there a program that funnels some of these corporate dollars into classrooms where it’s needed most?” Then, driving to work one day, I saw a sign for “Adopt A Highway” and it hit me: If we can adopt roads to make them better, we can certainly adopt classrooms to give teachers the resources they need to better educate our children.

And so Adopt-A-Classroom was born…

You can read his full blog post here! Jamie also talks about the importance of a campaign like our Help Henryville in rebuilding classrooms after a natural disaster.

Look for more blogs on Huffington Post Impact from Jamie soon!