By Laurie Johns, 1st Grade Teacher, Greenbrae Elementary

Teachers: The whole idea behind Adopt-A-Classroom is to get your classroom adopted, correct? That requires getting friends, family and businesses to adopt you. To do that you need to ASK, ASK, ASK. The more businesses and people you get supporting you, the more money for your classroom. What a sweet deal!

We as teachers all know it’s expensive to get things we need for our classrooms. What a better way than to have someone “adopt” your classroom, or your special project. Now, I am a true believer that timing is everything. The end of the year is a perfect time to ask family, friends, businesses to consider adopting your classroom. Many people and businesses are looking for last minute, end of the year, tax write-offs. Why not have them donate to your classroom! The time to act and ask is NOW!

My suggestion is to make several copies of the Adopt-A-Classroom donation form (click here for a copy) with your school and classroom information already filled out, then take them with you in the car, in your purse, your work bag so you have them with you wherever you go and ASK everyplace you go. What can it hurt? You never know who will be looking for you at this time of year… Remind them that making a donation is 100% tax deductible and you may get more than you thought. You never know unless you try and you may just get what you ask for just because timing is everything!