Favorite ‘Thank You’ Note of the Day

Teachers across the country in Adopt-A-Classroom’s program are working on wonderful projects with their students and we are so glad that donors out there are supporting their efforts by donating funds.

Now as you may be aware, when teachers use donated funds to shop through the Adopt-A-Classroom network of vendors, teachers must write a personal thank you note to the donor. It’s our way of making sure that donors understand how their generous contributions are being used to enhance the classroom.

Here is our favorite ‘Thank You’ note of the day from a teacher in Austin, Texas to the classroom donor:

Thank you so much for adopting our classroom! We are in the middle of an Insect Unit. When you made your generous donation, we were outside on a Bug Safari! We caught a butterfly, some ants, a fly, and a wasp with our nets. We put them in jars and are observing them in our science center. We are eager to get to work on the new garden that you have provided for us! We will definitely need to start out by getting some quality compost and pulling lots of weeds that have grown in our courtyards’ muddy clay soil. We are looking forward to keeping in touch with and sending you pictures of our new garden as it makes transformation! Thank you so much!

There are so many other great stories like this one from teacher all over the country and we’ll try to share as many as we can.

If you are a teacher and would like to register for Adopt-A-Classroom, go to www.adoptaclassroom.org/registration.