California Wildfires 2018 Classroom Relief Fund

Wildfires ravaged schools in California in November, 2018, disrupting not only the schools, but also the lives of thousands of teachers and students. You can join the relief effort with your donation today. Funds will be disbursed to teachers and schools in communities impacted by wildfires to rebuild their classrooms and support their students. Learn […]

Disaster Relief Fund

Natural disasters seem to dominate news outlets, but how can you help rebuild affected communities? We know you want to help.’s Disaster Relief Fund is a standing fund used to respond immediately to natural disasters impacting schools, classrooms, teachers, and students. Your donation helps rebuild communities one classroom at a time. Learn more >

Hurricane Maria Classroom Relief Fund

Schools still feel the impact over a year since Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico. Teachers are still pushing ahead—and they are doing everything in their power to be there for each student impacted by the storm. Learn more >

New Teacher Fund

What if you had to pay out of pocket for all of the supplies you need to do your job? Your computer, tablet, desk, chair, anything you use at work had to be paid for out of your own money. Sounds ridiculous, right? But new teachers have to. Learn more>

Inclusive Classroom Fund

What is an “Inclusive Classroom” and why is it important? Every student learns in their own way and at their own pace. We know teachers and principals are uniquely positioned to identify and address each student’s individual needs. The Inclusive Classroom Fund supports classrooms that strive for equity in education but need the resources to […]

The Lacek Group + Whittier

The Lacek Group and Whittier International Elementary are joining forces to bring better educational opportunities to students in Minneapolis.

Ditch + Maxfield Elementary, St. Paul, MN

Ditch teamed up with Adopt-A-Classroom to help the teachers at Maxfield Elementary (St Paul, MN) purchase much-needed supplies for their kids. With Adopt-A-Classroom, teachers choose how they use the funds in their classroom. Why Maxfield? 95% of the kids live at or below the poverty level 30% of the kids will experience homelessness this year […]

Students for Supplies – Maryland

Supplies for Students (S4S), is based in Maryland and made up of over 40 students from various public high schools. S4S’ mission is to advocate for a quality education, fundraise for statewide educational initiatives, and provide adequate supplies for students. We hope that we can impact the lives of children and supply them with the […]

Cici Loo’s Campaign for Kingwood

When Houston-area teacher and photographer Clarice Brito-Salcido (CiciLoo Photography) posted photos of kids playing in the street after Hurricane Harvey, she has no idea how the inspiring images would go viral – symbolizing for many Americans their determination to come together to help Houston recover. Clarice has partnered with to raise funds for teachers in […]