Receives Highest Charity Navigator Rating has earned the highest rating on Charity Navigator for 13 consecutive years. Charity Navigator has rated thousands of nonprofits to ensure donors can make informed decisions about where to donate. Our 4-star rating illustrates’s commitment to financial transparency and doing right by the teachers we serve. is a nonprofit organization that empowers teachers by providing them with funding to purchase school supplies and other resources their students need to succeed in school. 

Why Charity Navigator has consistently ranked us well:

1) Financial Transparency

Donors can view’s annual report, tax returns, and financial audits on our website. Publishing this information keeps our supporters informed about our financial health and how contributions are spent. 

Allowing public access to our financial data is part of why Charity Navigator gave a perfect score on its Accountability & Finance section! 

2) Strong Accountability Standards

We verify that teachers are at an eligible PreK-12 school before they can begin crowdfunding through Funds raised through our site are spent in our marketplace of education vendors so we can track how donations are being spent and give that information back to donors.

3) Direct Benefit to Educators

Educators receive 100% of donations to their classroom or school. Gifts to also have a tremendous impact, with 90% of every dollar going to programs benefiting classrooms. 

Support Educators with

Teachers spend $860 on average out of their own pockets on school supplies for their students. It’s not okay. 

When you donate to, you’re helping teachers get the materials students need to succeed without having to compromise their own financial well-being. 

Reducing some financial pressure helps educators feel more secure in their jobs; in fact, 91% of teachers say that funds from have positively influenced their desire to keep teaching. 

These funds go a long way for students. Since 1998, we’ve provided much-needed resources to more than 300,000 classrooms, including Michael’s:

As our Charity Navigator ranking illustrates, you can donate to with confidence that your gift allows teachers to support their students’ needs.