PAYDAY Celebrates Teachers for Their Invaluable Service

Nearly everyone has that one teacher. The teacher who helped you grow. The teacher who introduced you to a new passion. The teacher who changed your life for the better. Why? Because teachers are heroes who dedicate their careers to helping students learn and grow.

To recognize teachers for their hard work and invaluable service, The Hershey Company’s PAYDAY brand donated $25,000 to This donation is part of their Everyday Heroes program to celebrate the hard workers of America, including teachers. 

In addition to their donation, the PAYDAY brand is highlighting the invaluable service of teachers with limited-edition candy bar wrappers now through December 2023.

The PAYDAY brand’s support will help teachers provide their students with essential school supplies so they don’t go without.

Ask almost any teacher and they’ll tell you they spend money from their own paycheck to get necessary learning materials for their students. In fact, the average teacher spends $860 out of pocket each year on supplies like notebooks, markers, pencils, and books. 

Teachers shouldn’t have to sacrifice so much to get what they need to teach their students. 

Why do teachers purchase school supplies?

Four out of five teachers say they spend their own money on school supplies because they want every student to have the same opportunities in the classroom. 

Three out of five teachers say their students are experiencing poverty, homelessness, and/or hunger at home and they want to help meet their needs at school.

In short, they spend their own money because they’re heroes who will do whatever it takes to ensure their students learn and succeed in school.

Learn more about the PAYDAY brand’s recognition of everyday heroes like teachers by visiting their website.

Do you have a story about a dedicated teacher who went above and beyond? Let the PAYDAY brand know by posting about your teacher hero using #PAYDAYSalutes.