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Good News Break: Education News To Make You Smile

The holiday season can be a difficult or stressful time for educators. We gathered some of our favorite stories in education to lift your spirits.

17 Times Celebrities Reunited With The Teachers Who Changed Their Lives

Everyone has a teacher that has made a difference in their life — including celebrities! See how Oprah, Adele and other stars reacted to seeing their favorite teachers here

School on Wheels Delivers Tutoring – and Hope – for Homeless Students

School on Wheels provides tutoring and other supports to unhoused children in Los Angeles. Read more about how they are making a difference.

In One First-Grade Classroom, Puppets Teach Children to ‘Shake Out the Yuck’

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic’s effect on students’ mental health, social emotional learning is more important than ever. Read how one first-grade classroom is using both research and puppets to teach students how to recognize and manage their emotions. Read more

Oysters and Students May Revive New York’s Famed Harbor

Oyster beds are returning to the New York Harbor thanks to the hard work of one former teacher and students from over 100 New York City area schools. Read more.

Retired Kindergarten Teacher Surprised By Her Last Graduating Class

Although TikToker Kim Hamilton’s mom retired from teaching years ago, she never stopped caring about her students. She was delighted when nearly a dozen students from her last graduating class of kindergartners surprised her on their high school graduation day. Watch the reunion here.

Meet the Black Literary Society Helping High Schoolers Fall in Love With Books

The Black Is Lit literary society is providing Black students a safe space to connect, express themselves and explore literature together. Read more

Students Orchestrate Heartwarming Surprise for Math Teacher Who Commuted Four Hours Every Day

After learning that their beloved teacher commutes four hours each day, the students of Yula High School Boys Division in Los Angeles organized the surprise of a lifetime. Learn more about this touching moment here

Student’s Crash Teacher’s Wedding

California teacher Kevin McClintock told his students he would love to have them at his wedding reception – if they could figure out where it was! Watch the emotional moment when he realizes that 15 of his students showed up to the ceremony here.

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