Little Words Project Brings Fun and Creativity to NYC Art Classroom

Little Words Project is all about spreading kindness and paying it forward. Vickie, an art teacher at Renaissance School for the Arts in Harlem, New York, got to experience that first hand when Little Words Project surprised her with a $1,000 classroom donation.

Art supplies like paper, paints, and clay are expensive, and they get used up quickly. When there’s no classroom budget to fall back on, art teachers like Vickie often spend their own money to replenish the art supplies their students need to flex their creativity throughout the year. In the wake of New York City arts education budget cuts, the donation from Little Words Project will help Vickie provide her students with the tools they need to be creative, without having to spend her own money. 

Little Words Project didn’t stop there. They teamed up with Crayola for an extra surprise – packs of new art supplies for each student and a mural they could decorate and display in the school hallway. Students put their new Crayola supplies to use right away, filling the mural with color and positive messages.

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