Join Burlington to Support Teachers in Your Community and Nationwide. Your Help Is Needed Now More Than Ever.

We’re proud to kick-off our fourth year partnering with Burlington Stores in support of K-12 teachers in communities across the U.S.

Now through September 7, Burlington customers are invited to donate at check-out at one of 730+ Burlington stores nationwide. All funds raised will support teachers and will benefit K-12 students, whether they are learning in the classroom or virtually.

Your dollar makes a difference. Donate today. 

Since 2017, our GOLD Halo award-winning partnership has raised more than $5.5 million to support K-12 teachers and students nationwide. This year, teachers need more support than ever before. 


How have Burlington Stores and their customers impacted education so far? 

burlington impact numbers

With Burlington’s help, more than 36,000 teachers nationwide were able to purchase the materials their students needed, without spending their own money.

Teachers are facing significant challenges this school year, but they continue to go the extra mile to help their students. In a recent survey, 70% of teachers said they mailed or dropped off supplies that their students needed during Distance Learning. Burlington’s point-of-sale campaign this year will help even more teachers get the flexible funding they need, so they can purchase tools and materials to keep students engaged and learning.


“The impact Burlington has had on my students and me has been immeasurable. It made my students feel equal, since they were all provided with the same, great quality school supplies.” 

– Karen B., Middle School Teacher in Haverhill, MA


Schools have resources to support each classroom.

Deerwood Academy in Atlanta, Georgia is one of the thousands of schools Burlington Stores has adopted as part of their new stores’ grand opening celebrations. In 2019, the local Burlington store manager surprised Deerwood at one of their all-school assemblies with a  significant donation. The gift enabled all of the school’s classroom teachers to purchase the supplies needed for their students to learn and succeed. Burlington will continue its tradition of adopting local schools near new store openings this Fall. Just like, they believe every child deserves equal access to the tools they need to succeed in school, and teachers need our support to make this possible – now more than ever. 


“Teachers always dig into their own pockets to purchase supplies for their students in need. For Burlington to make this donation so our teachers can get what they need for their classrooms and support their scholars, it just means the world to us.”

– Principal Camisha Perry, Deerwood Academy in Atlanta, GA


Relief for 883,000 students’ families in need.

Even in the best of times, the cost of basic school supplies can be a burden for families facing financial hardship. More than 50% of public school students depend on their teachers and schools to equip them with the supplies they need to be successful. So when Burlington Stores funds teachers, they are also helping relieve some of the pressure on students’ families. Now, during the COVID-19 pandemic, the ability of teachers to provide for their students is even more critical for distance learning to be successful.


“It’s financially difficult for me to purchase school supplies for all of my children. Burlington made it possible for them to have everything they needed.” 

– Parent in Haverhill, MA salutes Burlington and their dedication to supporting teachers and students in the communities they serve. This year, more than ever before, their support is essential to ensure thousands of our nation’s most vulnerable students have the supplies they need to learn and succeed.

To join Burlington and support teachers in your community, visit a store near you.