Student Q&A: A Senior Project to Help Teachers

Rachelle is a high school student on a mission: to help more teachers! As part of her senior project, she researched how is helping teachers get what they need. We asked Rachelle more about her project and passion to help teachers like those who have helped her. What is your senior project about?

Rachelle: My senior project is about shining a light on the lack of teacher appreciation and support our system has for this very difficult profession. My hope is to spread the word about amazing organizations like to try and solve this issue.

Why are you interested in supporting teachers?

Growing up I was always taught to have respect for those who guide you in life not only as teachers, but also as mentors. I also feel the need to engage my fellow students to show more appreciation to their teachers also.

Is there a teacher in your life who made a difference? 

A teacher who made a great difference in my life would be my student council advisor, Dr. Step. He really took me under his wing and brought out so many qualities I never knew existed within me. Simply, his effort and thoughtfulness contributed to the student I am today.

Did you know that teachers spend $740 a year of their own money on their students? How does that make you feel as a student?

Reading financial statistics about teachers is so difficult because I know that many teachers barely make ends meet. To see that they spend out of their own pockets just to ensure the needs of their own students is truly inspiring, which makes me want to do whatever I can to help.

What brought you to for your senior project? really stood out to me because I immediately saw how transparent this organization was with all the work they do. It’s so admirable to see people who care about our teachers and create organizations like this to engage everyone.

Why do you think it’s important for teachers to receive donations for supplies?

I think it is important for teachers to receive donations and supplies because they already have so much on their plate, supporting their students in every possible way, which makes financial circumstances so hard. Every little donation counts because, at the end of the day it is not just helping the students, but also our teachers.

If you would like to support teachers like Rachelle, you can search for a teacher in need here.