Distant Learning Resource for K-12 Educators

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Distant Learning Resource for K-12 Educators

As schools prepare for COVID-19, many teachers may find themselves distance teaching for the first time in their career.

RingCentral, the cloud-based business communications system, is offering three months of RingCentral Office for free to K-12 educators who need to teach remotely during this difficult time. Here at AdoptAClassroom.org, we use RingCentral Office to stay connected, especially while we’re working remotely during the coming weeks.

School staff and teachers can use RingCentral Office to keep in contact with each other and their students with video conferencing capabilities, team messaging, and screen sharing. Educators can also call their students’ guardians for updates and check ins without having to use personal cell phones.

We learned about this in a recent blog post by RingCentral that you can link to here.

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