LakiKid Inclusive Classroom Match

Special Education Classrooms Need Extra Help – LakiKid Will Double Your Impact

Now through National Special Education Day (12/2/2019), LakiKid is matching your gift to the Inclusive Classroom Fund dollar for dollar, up to $5,000.

Special Education students and classrooms need extra support. The Inclusive Classroom Fund intends to make learning accessible to every student, and a crucial part of this goal is getting Special Education students the adaptive materials and curriculum they need to succeed.  

Here’s Why:

  • The need is great. 98.9% of public schools had at least one student who requires an Individual Education Plan (IEP) because of special needs, more than 11% of public school students in total.1
  • We have fewer Special Education teachers, so we need to take care of the ones we already have. There was a 17% drop of teachers entering special education from 2005-06 school year to 2015-16.2
  • Effective educators know they need to modify the typical classroom setting to better serve their students’ learning. Studies show that some students perform better in class when they’re allowed to move.3 
  • We’re failing students in a way that greatly impacts their futures. 90% of students with special needs are capable of graduating on time. Only 65% do.4 

Costly items students need, like flexible seating, are often not covered in classroom budgets, so educators turn to for funding. From art to science, students in all subject areas and grade levels across the country can benefit from the support provided by an Inclusive Classroom Fund grant. 

Inclusive Classroom Match powered by LakiKid

The LakiKid Inclusive Classroom Match will help classrooms across the country like Jenny’s. With her grant, Jenny was able to purchase large therapeutic balls as an alternative to chairs, and almost a dozen nubbed and soft cushions for students who need extra sensory input. They were also able to purchase two sitting easels to accommodate students who need a vertical work space, or who work from a wheelchair.

special education students with alternative seating

Give today and your donation will go twice as far.

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3 “Hyperactivity in Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD): Impairing Deficit or Compensatory Behavior?,” Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology
4  “Almost all students with disabilities are capable of graduating on time. Here’s why they’re not,” The Hechinger Report