coats for your students from Burlington

Limited-Time Offer: Use Your Funds to Purchase Coats for Your Students

Burlington knows that students across the country are faced with many challenges beyond the curriculum in their classrooms. Too often, educators have to respond when their students show up to school without the basics they need, and that includes a warm coat.

That’s why Burlington is partnering with this back-to-school season as a Preferred Vendor to help educators access coats at a reduced cost for their students who are in need. This is one more way Burlington and want to make it easier for educators to prepare for the school year ahead. You can see examples of the coats here.

Now through September 23, you can use your funds to purchase child-size coats (boys size 4-18, girls size 4-16) online for your students. The cost of the coats, shipping, and processing fee will be deducted directly from your balance at $116.99 per box. If you do not have enough funds to cover the cost of the coats, our staff will contact you via email about your ordering options.

Order coats here. *Supply is limited so order today!*

Coats will be shipped directly to your school before November 30, 2019. If you have questions about your coat order, please contact [email protected].