Our Shop Page Got a Facelift – Check It Out!

You spoke, we listened.

Welcome to the new AdoptAClassroom.org Marketplace. We’ve updated our shop interface to make it easier for you to  find the vendors and products you need for your classroom. Watch our video below for a brief guide on how to use the AdoptAClassroom.org Marketplace.

A few notes to help you find your way

First, when you access the shop, you will have a few different options. On the left is the AdoptAClassroom.org store, where you can search or browse by vendor, category, or simply browse through all available products. You can also search for a specific product from the listed stores.

Your second option is our “affiliated vendors.” These are vendor websites that you can visit from the AdoptAClassroom.org shop. Simply click on the logo of the store you want to visit, and search and browse on their site as you would normally.

You can then transfer items back to your AdoptAClassroom.org cart, and complete your order using your funds.

If you run into any issues, don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected].