What You Need to Know Before Summer Break

Here in Minnesota, the deluge of April blizzards is finally slowing down. Grass is peeping through the snow banks, and the sun is showing its happy face. And in schools across the nation, students are itching to get outside and play, to enjoy those warm summer nights, and weeks without school to think about.

But we know you teachers rarely get that luxury, which is why you treasure those few weeks in June when you can go somewhere with your family, relax, and not have to think about lesson plans and grading papers.

This is a good time to make sure that everything’s in order with your AdoptAClassroom.org account. So here’s a list of items to check up on now, before you check out for the summer.

C-C-Changes In Delivery

Because many schools close for an extended time during the summer, we’d like to remind teachers to double check that their school will be open to receive packages before making their order. Some of our vendors can take up to three weeks to deliver a package, so be sure to account for that when you are making an order. If you would like an estimate on which vendors tend to deliver more quickly, don’t hesitate to reach out to Ezra at [email protected].

Expiring Out

At the end of our fiscal year in June, many unused funds will be reallocated to other teachers in order to ensure donor funds are being spent to help students in need. You will receive emails throughout May and June reminding you to spend funds that will expire. If you need an extension or have a question about expiring funds, reach out to our teacher support staff at [email protected].

Calling In

If you leave us a voicemail, be sure to leave a phone number where we can reach you over the summer. In many areas, the school switchboard will be shut down, which makes it hard for us to reach you through the phone number on your profile. Make sure to give us a couple of ways to contact you if we need to respond to your questions.

Thanks for everything that you do for our kids, and have a fantastic summer break!