Six Teachers Making a Difference

Here at AdoptAClassroom, we love celebrating the amazing educators who are changing the world, one student at a time. With a little help, these six classroom superstars are making a huge difference!

1. Cameo B. – Waterford, CA

Cameo Borges

Cameo is a 2nd Grade teacher who decided that learning and fun should go hand in hand. As a STEAM (Science, Technology, Art, Math) teacher who saw her students struggle to grasp difficult concepts, she realized that bringing some new toys into the classroom might be the solution.

Backed up by an arsenal of Lego blocks, magnetic tiles and wooden building blocks, she transformed her classroom. Now her students have so much fun, they even forget that they’re learning!

2. Jolie B. – Bakersfield, CA

Jolie Brouttier

Jolie is a Kindergarten teacher who is used to spending money out of her own pocket every year to buy pencils, paper, and gluesticks for her classroom. This year, with a little help, she had the opportunity to go further and put together a library for her classroom.

Now her classroom is a portal where her students can be transported across the world and through time. Jolie wanted her students to experience the joy of hearing the stories they were reading, so she stocked her library with 12 listening book sets – each one with 4 books and an audio CD. Now her students can pick out their own books and enter a brand new world!

3. Stefanie P.  – Pensacola, FL

Stefanie Phillips

Stefanie is a 1st Grade teacher dedicated to giving her students the skills they need to succeed. She wanted to teach her 1st Graders about coding and technology in a fun and engaging way, so she brought real robots into the classroom!

With a few taps on a screen, Stefanie’s students can make their robots light up, play music, and whiz around the room. With the help of these robots, she’ll be guiding them through coding basic programs and playing fun games like hide-and-seek!

4. Lauren S. – Tallahassee, FL (1)

Lauren runs a reading program for students in Kindergarten through Grade 3 and she wanted go beyond books in her classroom. With over 45 students of various ages going through her classroom each year, she knew she’d need to get creative. She decided to use reading games to engage her students and help them develop their comprehension skills. Now with a brand new set of literacy games, comprehension kits, and a dedicated team of volunteers, Lauren is giving struggling kids the tools they need to succeed!

5. Heidi C. – Paso Robles, CA (2)

Heidi is a 1st Grade teacher who had an idea – What if her students could write and publish their own books?

With a little help, Heidi was able to buy two printers, a book binding machine, and enough materials to make 150 books. She then helped 108 first grade students, write, illustrate, and publish their own stories in hardbound books. And at the end of the year, every student got to take a copy of their book home!

6. Tina G. – Wheelersburg, OH

Tina Green

Tina runs a volunteer reading program at her elementary school and wanted to update the technology in her classroom. She knew how much more she could do for her students if she could connect them to resources outside her classroom.

She worked to bring two new iPads, six new laptops, and a whole bunch of new reading materials into her classroom. With the help of the new technology, Tina is helping her students discover new information on their own. She’s also going beyond the school year and starting a summer reading program for her students!

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