Lane Bryant – Supporting Teachers in Every Role They Play

For the 4th year in year in a row, Lane Bryant is partnering up with to support teachers throughout the U.S. We’re always really excited to work with Lane Bryant because they know all the different roles teachers play to help their students.

We decided to have a bit of fun with some of Lane Bryant’s fall fashions because we know that teachers are the real role models! Let us know in the comments which role you’re taking in the classroom today.

The Wise Counselor


Students come to you for your sage advice. They value your insight and they know you want what’s best for them.

The “Fun One”


You’re still a kid at heart and your students can tell. They love that you can relate to them and they always want your opinion.

Smart and Sophisticated


You’re in command of your classroom. Students see you as tough, but fair.


We know that teachers are role models for everyone, not just your students! That’s why Lane Bryant is helping out classrooms nationwide with the Chalk it up to STYLE event. Visit any Lane Bryant through September 24, 2017 to support teachers with