How to Navigate Our New Shopping Page

We’re excited to say that we have updated our shopping experience, making it easier for teachers and principals to find the products they need to equip their classrooms and schools. Follow the steps in the video below for help making your first purchase.

Check Out Our New Search Bar

You no longer have to shop by vendor when looking for a specific item. With our new search bar, you can find what you need quickly, without searching through pages of supplies. Just type the item name into the search bar at the top of the shopping homepage, select your item from the drop down menu, and you’ll be redirected to the selected item’s page.

NOTE: Best Buy, Office Depot, and Really Good Stuff products are not yet visible using the search bar, but they’re coming soon. Look for them under “Top Stores” on the left-hand column.

Search by Item Category

We’ve added a categories section to the shopping homepage for those who don’t have a specific item in mind but would like to see the variety of materials available in a select category.

Does your classroom or school need craft supplies? Check out the category for “Art & DIY.” Looking for hygiene products? Click on our “personal care” category. Our new shop offers a variety of unique categories to choose from.

Diversify Your Shopping Cart

Your shopping cart isn’t limited by vendor, so you can fill it with products from multiple stores.  This means that you can purchase books from AKJ Education, markers from OOLY, and a bulletin board from Edupress all in one cart, without having to submit three separate orders.

Have a question about our new shopping page? We would love to help you out! Email us at [email protected].