Check Out Our Special Education Donation Match Courtesy of F.I.S.H. Foundation!

From April 15 to May 15, F.I.S.H. Foundation is matching donations dollar for dollar when you donate to our Special Education Fund, up to $12,000! Join F.I.S.H. Foundation in lending a hand to special education classrooms who need supplies.

Their Goal

F.I.S.H. Foundation’s goal is to fund education programs and help those whose needs couldn’t be met without their support. With more than 3,300 special education classrooms asking for help on, we need your help to support as many classrooms as possible.

Helping Students Succeed

According to a 2015 Building a Grad Nation Report, 90 percent of special education students can meet regular diploma requirements with the right supports. Currently, only 62 percent of students have the materials they require. There are more than 6.5 million special education nationwide, and their teachers are in need of supplies to ensure their success in the classroom.

The Special Education Fund has supported special education teachers who needed a helping hand. Early childhood special education teacher Korto Dixon received $600 from the Special Education Fund. Before she was awarded the funds, Dixon was spending $400 to $500 out of pocket on classroom supplies. With help from donors like F.I.S.H. Foundation, we can fund even more special education teachers just like Dixon.

Hurry! Time is running out to get your match for the Special Education Fund.